Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011!!

Happy new year...hope everyone is doing well for the beginning of 2011. So what do you have for a new years resolution?? I have a few NEED TO DO's this year..Number 1 is the obvious that most of us have....lose some weight, exercise more. Second is to obviously find more time or use my time more wisely to scrapbook & do crafts!!
This year im sending my youngest off to Kindy for 2.5 days a week...people have asked so what are you going to do in that free time?? i really dont know...but i do know i would love to help out at the school more & im not ready to get a job just yet..i want to be there for his kindy year like i was with the other year i will most likely get a job...but i really just want to be a mum for 1 more 2011 is going to be an exciting year!!

1st  day of January means taking down the Christmas decorations...i have taken them off the tree & will put the tree away soon. The wreath on the front door & other decorations around the home will also come down at some time today

We will also try to make time for resolution number 1 today either a swim at the beach or a walk around the block.....i may even go sort out some of my scrapbooking stuff or play with my gypsy!!

Hope everyone lives their dream in 2011!!

♥ from Me

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Merry Christmas Everyone...i hope you all had a fantastic Christmas day & Boxing Day...i know i had a great Christmas spent with my family. We unwrapped our gifts in the morning after santa had visited during the night...the kids were so excited!! N got a new ben 10 bike, Ms C got a new DsI & Master J got a Basketball Stand/hoop set. Daddy got a new esky & other guy stuff & I got a sewing machine & a GYPSY!!!!
I havent had anytime yet to cut anything out with it...but i have loaded mostly all of my cartridges with it & as they have the offer i got 5 free cartridges....Tags,bags boxes and more, Christmas,Black letter, printing press & indie art plus the 2 gypsy ones wanderings & font!!

Im hoping to get cricutting soon with it....but i have so much housework since not doing any for 2 days!! and today its going to be a really hot day...40 degrees!!! YIKES i hope we dont sweat ourselves away!!  So i will get the washing done...wrapping paper mess on the floor & dishes all done & swept & then i can play with my new toys...just like the kids have been doing with theirs!!

Hope you all got some great gifts...even if it was just spending the days with those you love ♥

From Me♥

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

christmas is nearly upon us!!

Wow hasn't the year gone so fast? its nearly Christmas & to be honest i haven't finished my Christmas gift shopping!! I do hope i get it done before Christmas!!
I have made a few bits & pieces like lolly bags for Christmas day along with some banana muffins & choc chip muffins....all i need to do is decorate them

Reindeer food was also made & ready for the reindeer on Xmas eve joys of the season was used for both these bag toppers!

It been OK having the kids home for the holidays but they are now at the age of wanting to argue with each other.....which gives me the most horrible headaches ever!!

Here is a photo of my first ever cricut freezer paper t shirt!! My daughter didn't have a Christmas top so i made her this! She loved it!! Its from Joys of the Season cartridge....i used freezer paper, and some fabric paints ( i had this fabric dimensional paint for ages so was surprised that it still worked!) I also used glitter for the gold all washed up really well & she has worn the top several times already this holiday season

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas & if i don't blog again soon...have a HAPPY NEW YEAR too!!

♥ from Me

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

1st of December ......countdown to christmas begins!!

WOW i just cant believe its December already!! It means i have been blogging for a whole year!! Maybe not as much as i would have liked but hey it can only get better??

Ive done all the christmas cards, secret sant gifts, teacher gifts & am now onto sorting out gifts for the family!
Im getting a bit excited about christmas this year & to think of next year with so many new experiences for us all!!
We are putting up the xmas tree today ( as per tradition in this family!) we also get a photo of the kids together near the tree or in thinking my 11 yr old isnt wanting to do the whole santa suit thing this year so by the tree it will be!

Its a cooler day than the last few days so all windows & doors are open to cool the house back down...our power went off for awhile today also but that just made me do some cleaning!! lol

Here are a few photos of things ive done.....these are some photos of our day trip from cairns to the daintree!
I used the RELAX from rock princess cartridge & i cant remember if the barb wire was from indie art or scal!

here is a little basket i made for my sons choir teacher...i used the easter 2010 cart for the basket & jots for the wreath!

have a great start to the december rush!
♥ from Me

Thursday, November 18, 2010

its a hot one today!!

Today is so hot.....Im glad im not outside!! I have been cleaning the house & have now decided to get my stuff organised for the scrap day/night im going to tomorrow. I wanted to get a few things cut on the cricut as im not sure if i should take it....still deciding!!

I designed a few things to cut & did an xmas one last night & today i went to cut a first car border out & it wouldnt work...i dont know why it isnt cutting all my design...maybe i need to start annoying

I made some graduation cards from locker talk...a friends daughter is about to graduate year 7 & is off to high school next year & i also got to play with my robotz cart.....i made some cute retro bots!

I have made some xmas cards too but will post them another day

♥ from Me

Sunday, November 7, 2010

November .....the year is almost over!!

wow hasnt the year flown by!! i cant believe its nearly xmas & a new year on the way....makes me wonder just what have i done this year?? its gone so fast!!

I won a scrapCessories scrap caddy cartridge caddy ( try saying that fast several times!!) from Scrappy-go-lucky's blog!! It arrived today & i have already put it to good use & may need to buy an extra insert for it!
Its so Good & makes my carts look much neater than the plastic sleeves i was using before for those carts i didnt have boxes for!

I have been cleaning house today...tidying up lots of areas that needed it ie bathroom mirror vanity .....such a boring job that i hate doing it...but its now done....also sorted out stuff my little one has outgrown & will find someone to pass it along to!

I have a scrapbooking day coming up in a few weekends so am hoping to get one album finalised before then so  i can get stuck into another i have been heritage album! I purchased the Heritage cricut cart which arrived last im looking forward to using it in the album 

hope everyone is having a scrapping good day 
♥ from Me

Thursday, November 4, 2010

flat stanley is lovng western australia


Well its nearly time for me to send flat stanleys back to texas for the school children..they are going on one last adventure before they fly back to the US.

Last weekend we went on a drive up to the Pinnacles. Flat Stanleys had a great time & enjoyed every moment!

Here are some pics

thanks for looking at my blog :)
♥ from Me

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

hi all
HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all that celebrate it. It isnt a huge thing here in Australia but it is slowly catching on here...shops have started to have large carving pumpkins...halloween decorations & trick or treat bags & candy.
This year our Spring fair decided to have a halloween theme so the kids got to dress up & got some candy from some stalls along the way through the was great fun for them.
I then had a party to go to with my youngest so missy went to a friends place & they went out trick or treating in the neighbourhood...she surprisingly came home with her pumpkin treat basket full of candy, biscuits & even money! lol
My little one & i had a fun afternoon at a batman/super hero theme birthday party for his 4 yr old thinking they are now all loaded up on sugar and doubt much dinner will be eaten!

Here is the card i made for his friend & the gift bag we decorated for his gift

i had fun making his was the first time i made a name card like that with my cricut & design studio. I then cuttle-bugged the bottom with traffic jam folder & used the dino's & star diecuts also from cuttlebug & cuttlekids ranges. The birthday boy just got a dinosaur decorated bedroom so thought we would stick with dinos seeing that he likes them!

Hope everyone has a SPOOOKY fun night!!!

♥ from Me

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Eb Card swap october

Today was a strange was quite warm yesterday but today it was thundery & lots of rain....but that means i got to make the cards for the eb swap...i think i may be a little late getting them in the mail but they are complete now so all is going ok!
It was a sketch card with no particular theme so i decided to do love cards.
Here is a photo of the cards i made
I used heart stamps and the all my love stamp from stampin up, the pearls & rhinestones are kaisercraft.

Im hosting a few flat stanleys from a school in texas.  I went to laminate the 3rd one that arrived the other day...& hubby took over and put it in wrong ( dont ask how!!) and poor flat stanley ended up caught inside the machine...we had to pull it apart to get him out...he is now known as rolled stanley as he is now rolled & im hoping being stuck in heavy books for a day or 2 might straighten him out...i hope so anyway..i feel bad as i do have to send him back home to a little girl at the end of the month!!
here is a few pics i took before he got laminated....hanging around in the doll house.

have a great day

♥ from Me

Sunday, October 17, 2010

birthdays...october seems to be full of them!!

hi all
ive been so busy this month with so many birthdays i havent had much time to blog!
Kids are also back at school so i now get a moment to think...which means i can type in peace!!

Im glad that all my family birthdays are now over..which means i get to think about christmas!! It will be here before i know it.

For my daughters birthday she was sent to school with lollypops & cupcakes we are some photos

 We made the cupcakes & i then iced them and decorated them with what my 4 yr old called 'penguins'..they are actually little chick lollies but they are super cute! My daughter said everyone loved that was good..i made extra so that her teachers could have one too...she said the principal took one also!

I cut out flowers from one of the cricut carts..i cant think which one either accent essentials or it was had a hole in the middle already so all i had to do was pop the flower onto the sticks & scrunch them a little to make flowerpops!! I also had made this watering can awhile back that looks so cute!

ive been working on my holiday album...its taken longer than what the actual holiday was!! lol

Best be off to do some washing and cleaning to scrapbook tomorrow
take care
♥ from Me

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

christmas cards

The other night i made lots of gnomes from freshly picked. I then made cards using some kaisercraft xmas paper & cuttlebug frills folders.
Im going to make some girly gnomes when i find more time for mrs claus...dont they look so cute??
my baby is about to turn 4...he is growing so fast...i dont think he is a baby anymore :(
Yesterday while having a bbq lunch at a oval nearby he got swooped by a cut his skin above his ear...luckily it missed his was so scary watching the bird attack my baby :(

school holidays is nearly over has gone so fast!!
♥ from Me

Saturday, October 2, 2010

boy cards

i made some cards this afternoon ..using the new cartridge i received ...Everyday paper doll dress ups....i made some farm boy cards as my son is going to a birthday party that will have a mobile farm. It is also his birthday a few days before that made him a card too!!
I bought a new dcwv paper stack last week called citrus something so thats what these cards & the goodbye card i made was from.

School holidays are still i dont get much me time at the moment!
hope everyone has a great weekend!
♥ from Me

Friday, September 24, 2010

quick card for my cousin who is moving away

here is a card that i made this morning for my cousin who is off to live in Brisbane for a few going to miss her. I used my cuttlebug for embossing..plane from everyday paper dolls & stamping inking from stampin up

Friday night

Good evening 
Kids are in all is reasonably quiet in the house. School holidays are underway and kids got to stay up a bit later than normal. This afternoon i got my parcel i was eagerly awaiting seemed to take forever to arrive! I got 2 new cricut cartridges...Everyday Paper dolls  & freshly picked. I haven't had a chance to play with them yet but will do soon.
I also got a CUTTLEBUG!!!! its supposed to be my christmas present but hey it arrived early & one must check these things before the 30 day of return runs out..luckily i did as it is missing a thin die adapter which im assuming is what helps cut the free cuttlekids dies that came with it. Im hoping they send it out soon or else the free gift is rather pointless to me.
I love the cuttlebug so far though & even went shopping for more embossing folders on the weekend just gone....i got 2 adorable embossing folders of butterflies & cupcakes!
Im hoping to get into more scrapbooking these holidays..dont have a lot planned for the kids to do....they can play outside as the weather is becoming nice and to love spring...apart from the sneezing & blocked up feeling with sinus! 

have a great weekend 
♥ from Me

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Frame cards

i did the eb card swap a week ago i think but i forgot to post them off...very slack of me...but here are some pics of cards i did recently!!
The eb card swap challenge was to do a frame with a winter theme and also to include paint! Im thinking a scorepal would have made my life so much easier...or even if i could just find where i put my provocraft scoring blade for my trimmer would have been handy too!!

I folded up the frames....cut some gauze...did some stamping & some colouring..added kaiser rhinestones for the eyes added gold & brown paint and some inking around the frame

One of the ladies in my scrap group is pregnant & she is having a baby boy...i made her a card which im yet to give her
I cut out a purple ( looks pink in the picture) pregnant mum & bow with my cricut, added some rubons cuttlebug embossed the side and added kaiser flowers & a Joy brad. The yellow polka dotted paperwith bow looks like a gift...which being pregnant is all about!! its an amazing gift to be blessed with!!

thanks for stopping by!!
from Me

Friday, September 10, 2010

Losing day Friday

Yesterday my kids school had their sports carnival. It was a nice sunny day without too much wind..which was surprising as it is always blowing a gale there!
I made the kids some posters for their faction redback spiders with my cricut & design studio. It was basic as i had been sick all week with a horrible head cold or something so did them thursday night.
 The spider was from stretch your imagination & the font was the stamped cartridge. I then made one for my other child which used the spider & web from paperdoll dress ups and i think it was basecamp for the font. I will find a pic of that one later.
There faction team didnt win ...they came last...but they had a great day.
After getting home we got ready to watch the fremantle dockers play at the mcg in melbourne. Sadly they didnt make it further into the finals either!! They had a great year & im sure they can play even better next year!!

hope everyone has a good weekend...its the 9th anniversary of the twin was such a scary time & being heavily pregnant with my daughter i remember thinking i didnt want to bring her into such a world of hate & destruction. To all those that lost someone or many that they loved i hope you find a listening ear & a hug this weekend.

♥ from Me

Sunday, August 29, 2010

scrapbook sunday!

well today was lazy sunday so i got busy cutting with my new cricut carts i got for my birthday!!
i made this quick & easy beach babe layout using the Life is a beach cartridge...its got some great things on there that im sure to be using a lot of....we are always at the beach!!!

I made some palm trees too for my cairns holiday album but will show those later when i get them onto a page :)
hope everyone is having a great weekend...its nearly spring & the sun has been shining today!

♥ from Me

Saturday, August 28, 2010

11 years old today!

Its my sons 11th birthday...i cant believe how old he is getting & so fast.....he has had a great birthday!
We went to hungry jacks for lunch & then to the park for a play before heading over to my parents place for birthday cake & more presents!!
I made him a guitar hero card as he loves his xbox games!
I used shimmer papers. The guitar hero words were from scal & the guitar came from indie art cartridge.

im so tired,,i went to the freo game last night & YAY FOR WINNING!!
Didnt get home til very late as all the trains were not running to schedule due to all the staff  'being sick' or maybe it was an industrial strike in disguise...either way perth was SERIOUSLY DELAYED lol

I think the trains ran once every hour if not good...but we all had to go to the game & cheer on our freo boys!!

♥ from Me

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Birthday

It was my birthday the other day & i got some great gifts!!!

I got 3  new cricut cartridges from america...they arrived on my birthday! Perfect timing!! I got Life is a beach, summer fun & easter 2010. I have had a quick play with them but cant wait for the weekend when i get more time!
Last weekend i went on a scrapbooking bus tour.. ( as part of my birthday present from darling husband) was the first one in western australia!! It was so much fun & even though i went by myself i met some lovely people & also got to meet a cricut forum member in person...other than just chatting to her online!
I bought new mats..both the 12x12 & the 12x 24! HUGE!!! got some great inks...glitters....papers ect
I really hope they organize another one ( when i save up some more money!)  It stopped at 6 scrapbooking stores and we had lunch at one of was excellent!
Got to make & take a lot of great things plus got a freebie bag on the bus filled with great scrapping items!

A pic of us getting on the scrapbooking bus!

A make & take of dusty attics chipboards..very sweet...the flower on chipboard is a pin/broach.

Last night my husband & i went to a preview screening of Going the distance movie. It was great & funny! Not to mention it was so good to have a child free night!!

From Me ♥

Saturday, August 14, 2010

some scrapbooking pages ive done

Happy weekend everyone...ive been scrapbooking are some photos

This is one from my holiday album....we went to green was so Beautiful palms were cut with scal
This is my eldest....I used  accent essentials cricut cart for the green embellishments
This page was done of my youngest son while at a teddy bears picnic...he was washing dinosaurs!

thanks for stopping by to look :)
♥ from Me

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cricut covers & cards!

This weekend i found time to make my pink expression cricut cover!! I think it turned out pretty good considering i didn't have a sewing machine. I used hemming tape which is a fusible webbing in strips...which sticks the 2 fabrics together after you iron it...amazing stuff! lol
So here is my cricut cover....i added a little kindy glitz to the the flower middles after i took the pic but this pic will do for now :)
I also made a quick cord holder bag for the usb & power cords
If anyone was interested in making one for their cricut go to custom crops website or youtube for the video!
It really was simple to make once you had all you need to make it!

I also found time to make the eb card swaps..this month it was circular cards with a bit of green and a wild animal....i hope an owl is close enough :)
Im thinking of adding a little to them before i post them & i havent added a greeting to them yet but the bulk of them are done!  I used scal for the circular card the scallop circle and the owl...stampin up for the branch/leaves and kaisercraft script clear mini stamp with stampin up melon ink ..cardstock bazzil for the colours & stampin up vanilla for the card :)

well its late & i best be getting to bed soon

♥ From Me

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Provocraft has teamed up with HP printers to bring out a new print & cut cricut! It is launching in september over in america so im assuming us aussies wont get it for awhile ...just look how long it took to get us the Pink expression! I was waiting ages for that to come here.
It takes the same cricut carts and same blades so its all interchangeable with your other cricuts..the gypsy works with it too....if your lucky enough to have still thinking the aus price for a gypsy is too much.
It takes an ink cartridge that loads in the back of the machine & comes in the standard ink red green blue spectrum to make all the colours printers do & obviously a black ink cartridge too.
Provocraft are also launching the 12 new design carts that have all the patterns & colours to print onto the cricut cart designs. Its the same cutting size as the expression but the machine is much bulkier like the HP printer i have sitting on my desk, it has a coloured large lcd screen that is very similar to how the gypsy works.
Although its exciting a new product is being made i am still quite so happy with my pink expression for now.....if it prints colours like my HP printer does the colours just dont pop for me so i think using all my pattern papers will do for me!

what do others think?? are you going to be lining up to buy it or put it on the i might get that one day list?

♥ from Me

Monday, July 26, 2010

how cute is this house!

I seen this cute page on facebook & it has a free template so you can make your so wanting to do this but as always wonder if i could cut it with my cricut? i dont have time right now to mess around with scal so may just have to do it the old fashioned way of cutting by hand! lol
here is a link to it so you can all make one too!!!
how to make a 3 d house!!

so its a quick post as ive got stuff to do...washing is calling as is my coffee!!

♥ from Me

Still loving my new pink cricut!

Over the weekend i was given a bookcase from a friend.....its just what i needed & fits in well with my bedroom.
I organised all my books & scrapbooking magazines into it so it left a space on my desk for my PINK cricut!! YAY it now has a home.....I also pulled out all the cartridges i had in the draw to keep next to it so i know what i have when im browsing at all the online stores!! shhh!!! so i don't accidentally buy 2 of the same! 
I did do a little online shopping again since my last post of kaisercraft stamps ect & that was to buy a BIG BITE cropadile!! It was at such a great price & came with 3 packets of eyelets/gromlets!! I was looking for a cricut for my friend when i spotted it so after a few days of thinking should i? shouldnt i? i did! Im now just awaiting its arrival! 

As Ive been trying to get my pages done of our amazing holiday to cairns Ive been cutting out some palm trees & turtles & heaps of cute things on the cricut to add to my pages

My darling first son today bought a dj hero game with turntable with the money he earned on the weekend...the store apparently had them on sale over the weekend but didnt remove the special sale price for the day so we ended up getting it for $48 instead of the $149 it rrp at! He was overjoyed!! Im not too sure if my ears are but hey at least the incessant drumming has stopped!! 

Im getting excited about my first ever scrapbooking bus tour im going on!! Unfortunately it is on election day so i hope to get that done with before the fun of the day begins!! I have only been to one of the stores on the list so it should be exciting to see what each store has to offer & to meet some scrapbooking ladies ( although meeting new people is a little daunting for me!) 

Its been raining again & looks like it will all so looking forward to spring!!

♥ from Me

Sunday, July 11, 2010

ive been busy!

Yesterday afternoon i tried out my new kaisercraft stamps....i used one for a mini tag on a present for a friend who just moved into a new house & was having a scrapbooking night. I also made some cute little water bottle pockets for a little something sweet while we scrapped...i got this from someones blog or from the scal forum ages who ever it was thanks! they turned out excellent & plan on making more if i go to another crop night!
Arent they so sweet! of course the freddo frog is always a bonus for anyone sitting down doing scrapbooking for a few just slip it over a water bottle..i didnt have one to demonstrate in the photo but you can see where it goes!

And this is a photo of my new 4 stamps from kaisercrafts new july range!
Grunge, grid script & music
they are called mini but they are so not mini in my book! they are quite generous in size! 

Also here is a sneek peek of the envelope album we are making for the eb card making group....this one is for a is nowhere near complete but i have started so all is going well!
hope the person im doing this for doesnt mind the sneek peek! Ive never made an envelope album before so i do hope ive done it correctly!

well its a stormy night tonight so im about to go get dinner ready incase the power goes out .....hope everyone stays safe & dry on this cold winters night!

♥ from Me

Thursday, July 8, 2010


So its finally raining & to be honest i was kind of liking not having the rain this winter.....the cold mornings was bad enough but to add water is just going to suck!

Kids are in the lounge room playing lego harry potter on the to love new keeps them busy for ages. They went fishing last night with their dad & Master J caught his first ever shark! it was only a baby so it wasnt too difficult & after a quick pose for the camera it went back to find its mummy somewhere in the ocean!
While there my darling husband dropped his mobile off the jetty & into the cold freezing water so now its sitting  down there with all the fishies...BUGGER!! there goes all those photos & contact numbers!
Luckily this morning he was able to go buy a new phone & got his number transferred so all was not too lost...i dont want to memorize another mobile number..i dont even know my own! lol

I sold my cricut also! so now all is good & bank balance is looking healthy again! i do miss my baby cricut though & its only been gone a short while! lol

I have a heap of scrapbooking challenges i wanted to get done so i really should get to it hey?

hope everyone is enjoying the holidays & cold wet weather ...bring on summer!!

♥ from Me

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July holidays & im so cold!!

Its been so cold lately that its hard to get out of bed in the morning..luckily the kids are on school holidays & we can stay in bed just that little bit longer...well i do...the kids seem to be immune to the cold & get up regardless of how cold it is & how warm they still could be if in bed!

We have taken them to a few places already such as castledare miniature railway and a huge walk around kings park in Perth. 

Ive been saving lots of svgs & got to love the svgcuts website! you can check out their promo video....they have some great stuff to buy not to mention the FABULOUS freebies!!

svg promo video

ive got to do some shopping today im tossing up between taking the kids or doing an online order.....both have their plus & minus! lol

have a great day!
♥ from Me

Thursday, July 1, 2010

im loving my new PINK cricut!!

A few weeks ago i bought a new PINK Cricut expression machine with 3 new carts...i really love the plantin school book & pink journey carts. Im yet to use it with sure cuts a lot as i still have my baby bug..which im hoping to sell but if not i may just have to keep it! lol
This is my little man playing with the box the day i got it...he was able to climb right inside & shut it up! then became an plane and at present he now has a mountain of toys in it..even though we have so many toy boxes it isnt funny!! We both got new toys that day....he loves that box!

Ive made paper dolls for the kids to dress up on the fridge ( i put magnets on the back & popped them through the laminator to keep them clean!)

i love the bigger machine as im able to make the boxes ect but can see how practical the little bug can be especially with size & portability!  im thinking i wont be taking my big one out all that often!

Anyone that lives in western australia & wants to buy a baby cricut ( cricut original) let me know!!

                                                                               Im selling it with George & basic shapes cart
It also has 3 new mats plus about 4 used but still useable mats! It has an aussie plug as it was bought from a local scrapbooking store & has its manual book ect

im hoping everyone is looking forward to the school holidays!! im looking forward to not washing school uniforms!!

♥ from Me

Monday, June 21, 2010

So im supposed to be scrapbooking in this blog ......

But i dont think i show many of my scrapbook pages! Must admit i dont take photos of my scrapbook pages often but i came across a few pics of when i did & thought i should post them...i do scrapbooking...honest i do!!

so here are some things i have done....ive done many more but taking photos of recent stuff seems to take time & effort & i seem to lack both of these at present!
This one is of my sons first ever jump off the jetty in took forever but he finally found the courage to jump!

i enjoyed making this has photos of my 3 kids as babies...time sure does fly!

Australia Day is always celebrated in our family!
I used sure cuts a lot for the aussie map! 

hope to get more pics done one day of stuff ive done recently.....but for now this will do......

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

EB card swap for june is posted!

i got the eb card swap done the weekend i got back from holiday & just realized last night i haven't posted it it!! but its now done & on its way!

As it was a small group this month ( even i didnt think i would have found the time..but i did!)  we ended up doing a male & female easel card with a nature theme. I inked my cuttlebug folders! oh my that is messy but it gave a good effect.....i think!

I also got some more blog candy from the blog win last month...i got lots of pretty ribbons & bits to play with now & so many great cards! I did take a photo but i dont know where it is hiding but i will find it one day!  edited!! i ve found it!!

Thanks so much to those that were involved with the inklings first blog hop prize!! 

My son is off to his first interschool sports day today....he is excited to go 
Missy went to her "new" friends place yesterday after school & had a great time...technically they are old friends but as she was a baby/toddler she cant remember playing with them before & when a new girl came into her class room she made friends with her not knowing i already knew her & the family... she even got a special virtue voucher for helping her settle into the new school....aww my missy can be quite caring! 

anyway im off to do some housework! argghhh do i reeeeally have to!  ( said in my charli & lola voice! )

I may even scrapbook!! i do have a nearly complete layout sitting on my kitchen table as i type!

♥ from Me