Sunday, October 17, 2010

birthdays...october seems to be full of them!!

hi all
ive been so busy this month with so many birthdays i havent had much time to blog!
Kids are also back at school so i now get a moment to think...which means i can type in peace!!

Im glad that all my family birthdays are now over..which means i get to think about christmas!! It will be here before i know it.

For my daughters birthday she was sent to school with lollypops & cupcakes we are some photos

 We made the cupcakes & i then iced them and decorated them with what my 4 yr old called 'penguins'..they are actually little chick lollies but they are super cute! My daughter said everyone loved that was good..i made extra so that her teachers could have one too...she said the principal took one also!

I cut out flowers from one of the cricut carts..i cant think which one either accent essentials or it was had a hole in the middle already so all i had to do was pop the flower onto the sticks & scrunch them a little to make flowerpops!! I also had made this watering can awhile back that looks so cute!

ive been working on my holiday album...its taken longer than what the actual holiday was!! lol

Best be off to do some washing and cleaning to scrapbook tomorrow
take care
♥ from Me


  1. those flower pops are very cool. reckon i could make one with an su punch?

  2. hi clare..yea i would say the larger flower punch with a cropadile hole in the middle would work great! they are so cute...if i was doing it for a party i would have added more flower petals & leaves to them..but they were for missys class so i didnt need to go tempting as it was!