Sunday, May 23, 2010


Im so excited i got an email saying i won the prize for the blog hop i did last week!!! Im so excited....those ladies are so talented ♥ Cant wait to see what i get in the mail for awhile there i was thinking i was having bad luck!!
Blog hops are so much fun....if anyone knows of any aussie blog hops let me know!!

 This butterfly was fluttering by in the garden the other little man was so impressed with it that i had to go inside & get my camera....i was glad it was still on the tree when i returned or i was sure he would have been in tears if mummy didnt get a picture!!

Also this afternoon my dh tried my ph's card in his phone & it works!! so now all i need is a new certain the battered battery & backing of this phone isnt fixable but im so glad i have my credit back....still a little sad that i lost my little mans baby cries....i never got around to putting them on the computer so for all those out there take note....COPY ALL YOUR PHOTOS & RECORDINGS FROM YOUR MOBILE to your computer just incase you chuck it in the washing machine! 

im still excited about the blog hop!! yay!!!

♥ from Me

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Organising my SVGS!

The other day i watched a quick video on how to organise your svgs so that they are easily viewed while using sure cuts a lot. I decided it was a fantastic idea & started straight away! well its taken several hours over many days but i think i can say im now done! until i download some more or make some myself!! But it now looks more neat & tidy in that section and now if i want a butterfly svg i know where they all are! no more wondering what those french written svgs folders are ect!If you have a mess of svg folders all over the place check out the video from svg cuts at this link

Today i washed my mobile phone!! im so annoyed as it obviously had all my contacts & not to mention photos of the kids and their cute little voices! its enough to make me did i wash it!! im so careful .....but my 3 yr old asked what the pocket on my pj's was for & he picked up my phone & put it in..i then obviously scooped up all the washing after everyone was out of pjs for the day & in it went...i did check my sons pockets & found a tissue but it just slipped my mind that my ph was in my top!!

I did some scrapbooking pages today also....i was a little sad i didnt get to go to the scrapbooking day for creative memories memoranza but i guess i can always check out ebay to see what their customer gift was.... got to love ebay....a friend of mine closed down her scrapbooking store recently & i spent up big on her ebay sales!! here is a quick pic of some of the stuff i got....i have so many kaiser kraft off the page items i think i will be set til im 60!! lol

♥ from me

Thursday, May 20, 2010


I did some scrapbooking the other day.....i know im shocked too!!  I havent taken a photo of what ive done but might do so later! I did my first ever blog hop the other day also! it was quite fun & seeing all the blogs made me yearn for stampin up products!! oh my!!!
They all had great ideas and im tempted to give some a go...if i find the time & the stamps!

Im contemplating going to a local scrapbook store & booking in a scrap attack...they look like lots of fun.
I cant make it to the creative memories memoranza this weekend that i normally go to as my mum & i go together & she is unable do anything for herself let alone drive or even scrap!! so we will wait til she if feeling better before we get to go to another scrap day.

My little man has been cheeky lately...while reading a bedtime story to missy he was busy scribbling with a large crayon on her white chest of draws!! i think we bypassed terrible 2's & went to troublesome 3's!!! luckily it washed off reasonably easy but i so didnt want to be scrubbing furniture at night!

♥ from Me

Monday, May 10, 2010

Eb scavenger hunt!

i was hoping to get this finished but as always life keeps getting in the way or my camera batteries die!
Ive got several more to do & still time so who knows it may happen..i may actually complete something??
here are some pics so far .....the spider i found in my laudry was really strange & would love to know what kind it is...i think it came in from the clothes line!! eeekkk!!!

these are some of the things i have found from the list over at the eb group......

& yes i should still be cleaning!! lol

♥ from Me

i did it!

I finally worked out how to save a layout template ....its so beautiful isnt it??
i love it & so glad it finally worked ... thanks so much for all the lovely free templates out there to choose from!
Im cleaning today so better get back to it......or should i say i should start & stop blogging!!
have a happy day!

♥ from Me

Happy belated mothers day!

Yesterday was mothers day ...i was woken up way too early by my daughter asking if i wanted to open my presents...i said no i want to sleep but she continued to ask til i gave in 2 hrs later just before 8am!
My darling kids & hubby got me a new set of pj's with bed socks! Best thing is its a size smaller than i would have chosen for myself & they actually fit! yay!!

I got several mothers day cards youngest made at kindy & one at the scrapbooking one from all of them plus one each that they did at school so all up i got 5 cards!
Missy made me a photo display with a shopping list attached to stick to the fridge at school & my eldest wrote a poem....his teacher did not do any crafty activity with them...i suppose as they get older it stops...better treasure those specially made things while they last!

After being given breakfast in bed...vegemite on toast with no butter...yuck but i ate it, we had a nice lunch of ham & cheese muffins & then went over to my parents to give my mum her presents & had afternoon tea.

She is doing ok & is out of hospital but it will be awhile before she gets to do alot of stuff for herself.

I had made a card with the kids to give her when she went back into hospital on tuesday last week
it is kind of funny as she has broken both arms but this cute little robot has only broken one!

anyways im hoping to get to scrapbooking again this little one loves to go to creche & i may actually get some scrapbook pages done .....& not stress about the housework!

♥ from Me