Friday, April 30, 2010

EB card swap for may is done!!!

I started these last night...was after 10.30pm when i started so after i cut out, stamped out & got everything sorted i went to bed & woke up this morning to finish them off....ive since added kindyglitz to them after taking the photo....if your from eb card group i hope you like them...i didnt do the extra techniqe of kissing with a twist as i had the little fairy stamp i wanted to use.....but i took inspiration from the sketch !

I coloured the little fairy with my sugarloaf markers & added a little patch of grass under her so she looks like she is about to take daughter loved this card when she seen it & wants one for her birthday! 
hope everyone has a lovely weekend

♥ from Me

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Anzac day long weekend & several breaks!

What a long weekend we had! It was the anzac day long weekend & we had our weekend planned. On saturday we went shopping & J wanted to go to his new friends place who lives up the road. The family just moved in recently & its a rare thing to have kids my kids ages in this area so was excited for him. He had a great time. Sunday was anzac day so we had planned to go to the anzac day ceremony & then J was to spend the night at my parents & go to the Fremantle dockers game as it was a late one.
After getting kids to bed on saturday night we were watching tv when the phone rang...i hate it when the phone rings after 9pm as you know its never good one calls at that time unless something bad has happened!
E answered & you could tell it wasnt good...mum had fallen over & had broken some bones in her arms & shoulder....she was at a hospital & they were thinking of surgery.
The next morning i rang the hospital ( they wouldn't tell me anything the night it happened) and i spoke to mum & she was being transferred to a closer hospital to home. Knowing she was ok we headed off to the Anzac day ceremony at the local memorial hall. The kids watched the parade come in & we watched the ceremony & as usual each year i seem to forget to take a bunch of flowers to lay down ....but i do hope one year i will remember to get some!
After lunch i went to the hospital with my family to visit mum & then took her place going to the fremantle game. J was disappointed about not sleeping over but he had a good time watching the game & the team won!!!

Its now Thursday & mum is about to have surgery on one of her arms/shoulders now ...several days later. We are hoping it all goes well & she is painfree soon.

I haven't done much scrapbooking ( is that really a surprise?) but as always hope to get motivated soon...i think i am a scrapashopaholic always buying scrap stuff but haven't the time to use it!

♥ from Me

Sunday, April 18, 2010

School holidays are nearly over!!

I love my kids but im just so glad school is going back tomorrow....the house is such a mess when they are home!
I haven't done much scrapbooking & it doesn't look likely today. Ive got to make some healthy snacks for their lunches so that means a trip to the shops..with all the kids. It takes twice as long & becomes twice as expensive!

Yesterday we went to Adventure World. It was great but boy was the swimming pool cold!! I'm sure the antarctic waters could have been the same temperature. I decided if i kept moving around then i wouldn't start to turn into an ice block!  It was invigorating as well as breath taking! I'm sure i wasn't the only one saying OMG!!
We figured it was colder because the rapids water slide was not working which is the main water that gets heated by sunlight & it then flows though to the pool. The kids had fun on all the rides & water slides & i braved bounty's revenge 5 times.... 3 of those were in a row!

Last night we watched the Australian Biggest Loser finale on tv. I was so glad Lisa from WA won this years title. Best of all she became the first Female to ever win the Australian biggest loser & she also was wearing a Double the money bracelet so she won double the prize money!! Not to mention she looked amazing!!

Well i better stop blogging & get this day started! YAY for the last day of holidays!!!

♥ from Me

koalas in the aussie animals section of adventure world...they were awake & some eating the leaves..this one was just hanging about..another was laying on the floor!

Friday, April 16, 2010

A trail... a cemetery & a dam

Yesterday we wanted to get out of the house. It has been raining on & off most of the week & the school holidays are slowly coming to an end.
We headed to Jarrahdale was like driving back in time...a village untouched by modern conveniences like fast food stores on every public transport ( that i could see) 
The cemetery was quaint & quite small to what i was expecting. While at the cemetery we came across a few kangaroos ..i think they were surprised to see people visiting the place!
After some searching we finally came across my brother in laws grave. I had never met him, he died before i had met my husband. His grave was hard to spot as his engraving on the plaque was faded & his grave needed some weeding & leaves removed. I dont think anyone had visited for a long time. This was our first visit.
Across from  the cemetery was a trail called Stacey's loop which took us through Forrest & across a gorgeous little was so peaceful...even with 3  kids in tow.
After we got back from our walking trail we all were thirsty! 
We then headed toward the serpentine dam along winding roads with trees all around. Again it was very quiet & only a few cars on the roads. 

kangaroos at the cemetery
 When we got to the dam we all got out & had a look around. Kids played on the playground equipment & then we went for a drive over the dam & back again. We seen a bridge/walkway so went & found the entrance to that & went & took a closer look at the dam. It had started to rain so we jumped in the car & headed home. The road filled with forrest on both sides most of the way home was fantastic.

                 The Serpentine Dam

A Forrest full of tress of all shapes & sizes!
I just had to take this photo of this bendy looking tree!
This tree was along the trail walk we took near the cemetery.

♥ from Me

Saturday, April 10, 2010

School Holidays.....the circus is in town!

School holidays is now half way through & im so thankful that it is!! I love my kids ...but the constant fighting & screaming at each other can drive you insane! I know i was like that with my own siblings so im sure my own mum felt the same way as i do now!
After recovering from camping we went & did a shopping centre activity of making a tin can herb garden....its good when they have great activities at the shops. This one is useful as if they manage to keep on growing i will have some great herbs to use in the kitchen.
The circus is in town! so we bought some tickets & at $12 each it was such a great show. Circus Joseph Ashton have been traveling for many years doing circus shows all over! We took my 2 oldest kids with my nephews a few years ago. This time we were driving by when they were setting up the big top tent & my little one got so excited & knew it was the circus just by the tent..even though he had never seen it before!
On the day we parked at the back of the circus tent & walked around to the front passing all the caravans that the performers & animals live in. Once inside we got some popcorn, a showbag & i took the kids down for a pony ride around the circus ring.
It was a great show of clowns, acrobatics, animal shows & i loved looking at all the old photos of the past ashtons circus up on the screen before the show & at intermission.

I also did a search for a book that one of my relatives wrote when i was much younger & my parents never got to read dad was given a copy from her with it signed but my mum lent it out that same day & the person then lost it!  So i contacted the publisher but i got an email saying it was no longer published & they had none in the warehouse. I then came across a second hand book store online & they had a copy. When i rang she said she had 2 copies so i asked for them. We took the train with the kids into Perth & then another train to the book store which was across the road from one of the stations. On the way back we went to the toilets at the Perth train station  & the kids thought it was hilarious to pay 50c to do a wee!!
We then travelled on the train down to the esplanade & had a look around the bell tower, wheel of perth & went on the ferry across the swan river & back. The kids loved going on the ferry & it was good to show them their city. We then headed back to catch the train back home. We stopped & had a late lunch at mcdonalds which is a rare treat these days as we are trying to stay away from junk food.

Today the kids are off doing different things one is off to the football with my family & another to a birthday party!

Hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend
♥ from Me

Sunday, April 4, 2010


We went camping for the easter break. Its our first time as a family in our new family sized tent!
We stayed for 2 nights (although i packed for 3) it was very windy the first night & then the following night it was windy & raining. I was glad to see the tent didnt have any leaks & stood upto the howling winds!
The kids were excited to be sleeping outdoors & using their sleeping bags...not to mention the easter bunny was going to visit the tent on sunday morning to deliver lots of choccy surprises!!
On saturday my dad took the boys for a spin down the river. They enjoyed it & after coming back in the men then went back out to catch some crabs. Im not a crab eater although i have eaten them in the past. Mum & i walked down the river with 2 of my kids & while there watched some pelicans & then some dolphins came up the river. Its been awhile since ive seen them in the river so was glad to be around when they were!
After a restless nights sleep with the wind rain & toilet breaks for the kids it was time to see if the easter bunny visited! He left the kids a few small eggs in their wooden bunny boxes they made at bunnings & after helping daddy with the breakfast of bacon & eggs they then all went on an easter egg hunt through grandma's garden. Eggs were hidden everywhere from the garden, boat, car , tent & even in nanas place! He certainly was a busy bunny hopping all around the place! N spotted some eggs in the smaller garden near the house before the hunt began as he loved walking through it looking at the flowers! he was so excited and picked them all up..even those that were for his brother & sister! I had to tell him to go hide them again for them to find!
The kids loved camping & want to go again! School holidays for 2 weeks so we will have to see if we can squeeze another camping trip in..or there is always spring time in october!

♥ from Me