Wednesday, June 16, 2010

EB card swap for june is posted!

i got the eb card swap done the weekend i got back from holiday & just realized last night i haven't posted it it!! but its now done & on its way!

As it was a small group this month ( even i didnt think i would have found the time..but i did!)  we ended up doing a male & female easel card with a nature theme. I inked my cuttlebug folders! oh my that is messy but it gave a good effect.....i think!

I also got some more blog candy from the blog win last month...i got lots of pretty ribbons & bits to play with now & so many great cards! I did take a photo but i dont know where it is hiding but i will find it one day!  edited!! i ve found it!!

Thanks so much to those that were involved with the inklings first blog hop prize!! 

My son is off to his first interschool sports day today....he is excited to go 
Missy went to her "new" friends place yesterday after school & had a great time...technically they are old friends but as she was a baby/toddler she cant remember playing with them before & when a new girl came into her class room she made friends with her not knowing i already knew her & the family... she even got a special virtue voucher for helping her settle into the new school....aww my missy can be quite caring! 

anyway im off to do some housework! argghhh do i reeeeally have to!  ( said in my charli & lola voice! )

I may even scrapbook!! i do have a nearly complete layout sitting on my kitchen table as i type!

♥ from Me

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