Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011!!

Happy new year...hope everyone is doing well for the beginning of 2011. So what do you have for a new years resolution?? I have a few NEED TO DO's this year..Number 1 is the obvious that most of us have....lose some weight, exercise more. Second is to obviously find more time or use my time more wisely to scrapbook & do crafts!!
This year im sending my youngest off to Kindy for 2.5 days a week...people have asked so what are you going to do in that free time?? i really dont know...but i do know i would love to help out at the school more & im not ready to get a job just yet..i want to be there for his kindy year like i was with the other year i will most likely get a job...but i really just want to be a mum for 1 more 2011 is going to be an exciting year!!

1st  day of January means taking down the Christmas decorations...i have taken them off the tree & will put the tree away soon. The wreath on the front door & other decorations around the home will also come down at some time today

We will also try to make time for resolution number 1 today either a swim at the beach or a walk around the block.....i may even go sort out some of my scrapbooking stuff or play with my gypsy!!

Hope everyone lives their dream in 2011!!

♥ from Me

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Merry Christmas Everyone...i hope you all had a fantastic Christmas day & Boxing Day...i know i had a great Christmas spent with my family. We unwrapped our gifts in the morning after santa had visited during the night...the kids were so excited!! N got a new ben 10 bike, Ms C got a new DsI & Master J got a Basketball Stand/hoop set. Daddy got a new esky & other guy stuff & I got a sewing machine & a GYPSY!!!!
I havent had anytime yet to cut anything out with it...but i have loaded mostly all of my cartridges with it & as they have the offer i got 5 free cartridges....Tags,bags boxes and more, Christmas,Black letter, printing press & indie art plus the 2 gypsy ones wanderings & font!!

Im hoping to get cricutting soon with it....but i have so much housework since not doing any for 2 days!! and today its going to be a really hot day...40 degrees!!! YIKES i hope we dont sweat ourselves away!!  So i will get the washing done...wrapping paper mess on the floor & dishes all done & swept & then i can play with my new toys...just like the kids have been doing with theirs!!

Hope you all got some great gifts...even if it was just spending the days with those you love ♥

From Me♥

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

christmas is nearly upon us!!

Wow hasn't the year gone so fast? its nearly Christmas & to be honest i haven't finished my Christmas gift shopping!! I do hope i get it done before Christmas!!
I have made a few bits & pieces like lolly bags for Christmas day along with some banana muffins & choc chip muffins....all i need to do is decorate them

Reindeer food was also made & ready for the reindeer on Xmas eve joys of the season was used for both these bag toppers!

It been OK having the kids home for the holidays but they are now at the age of wanting to argue with each other.....which gives me the most horrible headaches ever!!

Here is a photo of my first ever cricut freezer paper t shirt!! My daughter didn't have a Christmas top so i made her this! She loved it!! Its from Joys of the Season cartridge....i used freezer paper, and some fabric paints ( i had this fabric dimensional paint for ages so was surprised that it still worked!) I also used glitter for the gold all washed up really well & she has worn the top several times already this holiday season

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas & if i don't blog again soon...have a HAPPY NEW YEAR too!!

♥ from Me