Sunday, February 21, 2010

18th birthday football game & family time!

This month is going by so not a very good blogger!! lol
I can now say i finally made it back to the scrapbooking changed days from weds to tuesday which was going to be a huge issue for me due to the kids but have so far worked it out...for this term at least!!
So last tuesday i got to pull out my scrapbooking & get some pages done!! im wanting to finish off the 2009 family album so just need to print relevant pics & then get stuck into it!
This month was also my nephews 18th!!! oh my!! when did he get so grown up!! he was my 'first baby'...i used to love looking after him in my teens & now he is all grown up....i printed off some pics of him as a little one to show at his party & we made him a slide to music ( i chose 'Im too sexy' for the slide music as it was one of the top ones for the year he was born & he also had a tshirt when he was a baby saying 'im too sexy for my nappy!' lol ) was so much fun remembering all the little things he loved as a little one....

We also got passes to adventure world for the rest of the season until after the easter holidays! The other day we let the kids have a day off school so we could go without so many people & crowds....mind you there was still so many kids & people but not so much the line ups as on the weekends!

Last night i went to the Fremantle nab cup game at subi was caitlins first game to see them play & jacob wasnt that impressed that we had to take her! my brothers got the tickets for us so we all sat together & i think i spent most of the time taking pics of the game!
I tried out the panorama feature on the camera for the first time ....i think i might need to use it more often!
I got more cricut cartridges from ebay & a friend is also selling off her shop supplies from her online store that she closed down many good things & so cheap!! im happy!!!
ive been cutting out little people from the paper doll dress up cart....i think they are so cute!
I had to cut one out using scal as i needed a karate boy for my sons page im doing! got to love scal as there are so many great svgs out there!!

better go...hubby is in bed resting as he just got a tooth pulled out this morning!! ouch!!

♥ me

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

WOW its 2010!!! and February at that!!

Just where did the school /summer holidays go??
Kids have just gone back to school & into their second day...all is going well so far!! lets hope its a good year for them both..also its my last year having a little one by my side..he is off to school next year!

Holidays were fun..only a few "im bored" comments....but that is to be expected from 10 & 8 yr olds!!
We had swimming lessons at the beach for 2 weeks, went to adventure world, went to mandurah & also went iceskating twice!! i think the kids really enjoyed the iceskating!! I may have to take them again soon! it was a refreshing change from the hot weather we have had this summer

Scrapbooking is on a different day this not sure how it will work for me..weds was a great day as kids finished close to that time but now they dont....i havent done much scrapbooking at all this summer...i did make some cards for a swap im in..the theme was "love" as its valentines day this month!!
I really hope to do some scrapbooking soon....its about time i did some!!

♥ from me