Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Provocraft has teamed up with HP printers to bring out a new print & cut cricut! It is launching in september over in america so im assuming us aussies wont get it for awhile ...just look how long it took to get us the Pink expression! I was waiting ages for that to come here.
It takes the same cricut carts and same blades so its all interchangeable with your other cricuts..the gypsy works with it too....if your lucky enough to have still thinking the aus price for a gypsy is too much.
It takes an ink cartridge that loads in the back of the machine & comes in the standard ink red green blue spectrum to make all the colours printers do & obviously a black ink cartridge too.
Provocraft are also launching the 12 new design carts that have all the patterns & colours to print onto the cricut cart designs. Its the same cutting size as the expression but the machine is much bulkier like the HP printer i have sitting on my desk, it has a coloured large lcd screen that is very similar to how the gypsy works.
Although its exciting a new product is being made i am still quite so happy with my pink expression for now.....if it prints colours like my HP printer does the colours just dont pop for me so i think using all my pattern papers will do for me!

what do others think?? are you going to be lining up to buy it or put it on the i might get that one day list?

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