Sunday, November 7, 2010

November .....the year is almost over!!

wow hasnt the year flown by!! i cant believe its nearly xmas & a new year on the way....makes me wonder just what have i done this year?? its gone so fast!!

I won a scrapCessories scrap caddy cartridge caddy ( try saying that fast several times!!) from Scrappy-go-lucky's blog!! It arrived today & i have already put it to good use & may need to buy an extra insert for it!
Its so Good & makes my carts look much neater than the plastic sleeves i was using before for those carts i didnt have boxes for!

I have been cleaning house today...tidying up lots of areas that needed it ie bathroom mirror vanity .....such a boring job that i hate doing it...but its now done....also sorted out stuff my little one has outgrown & will find someone to pass it along to!

I have a scrapbooking day coming up in a few weekends so am hoping to get one album finalised before then so  i can get stuck into another i have been heritage album! I purchased the Heritage cricut cart which arrived last im looking forward to using it in the album 

hope everyone is having a scrapping good day 
♥ from Me

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