Saturday, April 30, 2011

love is in the air!

Today we went to my aunts to help celebrate my cousins engagement & it was also a sending off party as she headed back to Qld with her new Qld'er husband to be.
I made her a card to match the gift i gave her....she loved it & showed everyone...she made me cry!! i was so happy for her...she has been with some not so matched guys for her & now she just seems glowing & radiantly happy....nearly as sparkly as her new engagement ring!!
here is the card...the heart is set at 4inchs & the white at 3.5inches and i then embossed it with a love heart folder....i think the couple i cut at 4 or 4.5 inches also

While borrowing the wedding carts from a friend i also had to make a cute wedding dress box....i just couldn't help myself!! they are so sweet...would love to get married again & have them sitting on the tables! i would i rock them!! lol

Last night we watched the royal wedding was a nice ceremony...most parts similar to my own wedding kids were awaiting the kiss and got dissapointed when it didn't happen in the then went onto the news and we didn't change channel to keep watching so we missed the kiss...but have now seen photos!

hope everyone is having a lovely weekend...the sun was shinning today!

♥ from Me

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A day in history

its been a few days since i little one has been that means no time for me to get crafty! However last night i did make time to get a gift done as i have to give it to them tomorrow!!
My cousin just got engaged!!! im so excited for her!! I hope she doesn't read my blog as im going to put her gift up here! I used Sweethearts cartridge and glass etching cream. I got a mirror from a shop that was in a husband thought i was crazy and said it is "unique" lol i just hope they like it enough to put it somewhere!

Hope everyone has a great day....its the day of the royal wedding.....hope to watch it on tv later today!!

♥ from Me

Sunday, April 24, 2011


I hope everyone is having a great Easter little boy is feeling sick...but he still managed to eat a bit of chocolate & help decorate the cookies.

Over at Everyday Cricut they are giving away a New Cricut Expression 2!!!
So exciting & so easy to enter...head on over to the blog to find out how you can get a chance to win

Goodluck ....wouldnt winning a new cricut machine be awesome!!

♥ From Me

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wild about Easter

Just a quick post today...i hope everyone is getting ready to celebrate Easter...Im nearly i made cupcakes & i have gingerbread cookie dough resting in the fridge & will soon make some egg cookies.
Yesterday afternoon the kids & i decorated the rest of the foam eggs...remember i showed you my wild safari eggs a while back? well i have now got them hanging on our Easter Tree....isnt is cute!

And here is a photo of the kids about to pin & tie ribbon on them for the tree on Easter Sunday as they are now know how to use LOTS OF GLUE!!!

Have a Happy Easter

♥ from Me

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

50 Followers WINNER!!!

Im back with a winner! My kids all wanted to pick a winner but sadly i could only have one! Lets hope i can make it to 100 so i can have another prize giveaway!!

While on my cleaning spree i found some more cards i have made in the last few are some pics
This one was from the free sample of papers & diecuts from the latest DoCrafts Creativity Magazine

Here are some more quick and easy cricut cards

Ok now onto the winner!! All the names in a Hat

My daughter drawing out a Name


JENNY KOZAR if you can leave a comment with how to contact you...i will send you a little scrappy surprise very soon!!!

Thanks again to all my followers....& here is hoping for more in the future!!

have a great Easter Holliday everyone

♥ from Me



Thank you all so much for following me!! Im so excited..i never thought i would ever reach 50 (51) followers!! So to celebrate i have a small prize of scrapbooking stuff to send out to 1 Lucky follower....I will write all names out & get one of the kids to choose one from a hat or something similar....& i will post the winner shortly!!!

Its the first day of holidays so im hoping to have a mega clean up so i can relax over the Easter that means i cant scrap today (well not just yet anyway!!)

So watch this space...i will be back later today (australian time) to Announce my first ever Prize winner.....YAY!!!

♥ from Me

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Awesome SOME MY FAVORITE THINGS GIVEAWAY!! @ ScrappingMommy Blog

Here is yet another AWESOME blog that is having a giveaway at the moment. These Prizes are a few of Scrappingmommy's favourite if you want a chance to win ( just like me) head on over to ScrappingMommy
& leave a comment! How easy is that!!

Have a great night
♥ From Me

Aloha ....want to win a luau Cricut Cartridge?

My daughter is having an Aloha birthday party this year (thankfully end of the year when the weather is warmer) & this cartridge would be PERFECT!!!

If you want to have a chance at winning it to...head on over to A Mermaids Crafts

She has some fantastic have a browse!!

♥ from Me

Shout out for mmdezigns a cricut cartridge by following her blog!!

here is a great blog i came across during the love linking blog party....this lady is wanting to reach 250 followers & she doesnt have many to go..i think 4 when i just hop on over & become a follower like me :)
here is the link

Goodluck & happy scrapping

♥ from Me

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Scrappin Sunday

Today is my wedding im trying to be good & not scrap!!
I made a few cards got sent off today with my son to a birthday party...which he got invited to after i made the was quite funny!

The card used Robotz & i think the stars were from Hannah Montana & i did the sentiment on my easy!!

I also went out friday night scrapbooking with my friends....i managed to get a few layouts done...i havent yet taken pics. While there i finally got hold of a glue glider pro. They had been out of stock for quite awhile...there was 2 left on the shelf ...i got one & then my friend got the other...also got my long awaited SEW EASY decorative heads for the Sew Easy....YAY!!

Yesterday afternoon was spent at an easter had lots of fun going on the rides..we then had to go do some shopping....its been a busy weekend

Oh also so nearly upto 50 when that happens i will throw everyones name in a hat & get the kids to pick a name out....& i will have a mystery scrap prize for the winner!! So if you know anyone wanting to i am!!!

Have a great weekend
♥ from ME

hope your all having a great weekend!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

loving the blogs & yourself too!

Here is another great place to start feeling the love....head over to gettincricky to get all the details

She suggested we say one thing that we love about ourselves...i think mine would be that i love that i give things a go...and that if i fail or succeed that im proud of trying new things or experiences....what do you love about yourself?

have fun & enjoy the love
♥ from Me

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thursday is catch up with everything your chance to win a cartridge!

Hi all
No photos for me playing catch up with all the mundane jobs like cleaning, washing & paper work & bills! But while giving myself a quick break i went blog surfing & found that  going-buggy blog is giving away a cricut cartridge!! YAY!! so head on over & check it never may just win it...if not i might be lucky enough to!

have a great day
♥ from Me

Sunday, April 10, 2011

sunday scrap

Yesterday i went along to a scrap Sunday session at Inspired Crafts. I only managed to get 2 pages done ...but i like them!

I booked in for the Friday night session this week look out for more pages from me soon!

Here are the ones i did kids love watermelon ...but they are not crazy on crabs! Im entering my first challenge over at melissascrappenplace's blog

 I think i used Makin the grade font with the crab from life is a beach & dcwv brights card stack

For the watermelon i used base camp font & the watermelons from Stretch your imagination.

Hope everyone has a great week ahead...not long til easter!!

♥ from Me

Friday, April 8, 2011

Easter Baskets

The other day...when i had my free day i spent it getting stuff organized for Easter. I utilized pink cricut for quite some time!  I made 7 baskets from the Easter 2010 Cartridge & decorated them with bunnies. For the bunnies eyes i 'I Rocked' them with rhinestones.
 As you can see...i have a very untidy kitchen table!! I so wish i could have my own space...just for me.....and my mess!

Here is another pic of my cover i did last was the NO SEW custom crops pattern. I cut the letters & the flowers out with my cuttlebug & added the ribbon & kindy glitz to it ...was thinking i might 'I Rock' it one day with swirls of bling.

Thanks for dropping by & checking out what ive been upto.....Im hoping to get more time for scrapping this weekend...but right this minute im washing a HUGE bag of kindy towels ect that my youngest teacher gave me yesterday!

♥ from Me

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hop like a Bunny!

Today is my free day!! yay me!! So i have been busy with my pink cricut.....making easter egg bag toppers!
I used the Easter 2010 cartridge for the bunny & egg. After i cut them out i inked around the egg & assembled them. I didnt go too crazy with these as i find the kids are more interested in the chocolate eggs! go figure!!

Here are some pics

Thanks for hopping by!

♥ from Me

Im a winner!!!

Hi all.....Today has been such a busy was imagine my surprise when i caught up with all the lovely blogs to find i won a prize on Chloe & her clip on koalas blog!!! Yay!!!
She does a great blog each Tuesday called Cheap Chirpin' Choose-day with another blogger Carlene....I think its amazing how much good stuff they can find on the cheap! 
I chose to get some peachy keen stamps so that means the Cheap Chirpin' Choose day prize JACKPOTS!!! how cool is that!! so now all of the April items will get added to the March items & it will be a massive prize!!
If you want to go check it out & try & win some cool stuff for yourself...head on over to Chloes Blog  to find out how

Also while over at Chloes blog have a read of whats happening with Jacob....he is on the move & heading to a letterbox soon....cant wait to see what adventures he gets upto......I also cant wait til i get my hands on his hot little bod!!  So many weeks to wait...but im sure it will be well worth it!!

I also have a small prize in mind for when my blog reaches 50 followers.....( i know im dreaming!!)  but hey wouldn't it be nice if i could get 50 followers? Im just so excited to have the amount i have!! So feel free to let your friends know im this blogging world of ours!

♥ from Me

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Retro Bots to the Reading Rescue

Hi all
Today i made some cute retro bot bookmarks. They are for some kids i help a few times a week in a program called multi lit. Its coming up to the end of term so thought of things i could get them...unsure if chocolate eggs or lollies are allowed so i went with the obvious!! BOOKMARKS!! Afterall we do a lot of reading, sight words & spelling together ....& i hope they like them enough to inspire them to open a book & pop it inside!

Here is a close up of the cute retro bots

I also did a set of stick figure car decals for my sister.....i hope she puts them up soon & i will go visit & take a pic....she had my son this afternoon at a cousins birthday party so couldnt get a pic today! I did make my cousins boy a birthday card...he turned 11 today...there is 8 months difference between our 2 boys.

 The flash made it look washed out & pinkish...but its red with black & a green guitar & yellow circle

Here is my sad attempt at the Eiffel tower.....I'm having such a hard time getting this together & staying together.....after i get it stuck together i will then attempt to make it pretty! So far all I've done is paint it black & glimmer misted it ....its a nightmare & i doubt i would attempt to make another in the future.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend

♥ from Me