Monday, March 28, 2011

Wild easter eggs & a cow egg......A what???

Im going wild this easter.....I have just decorated my first batch of foam eggs i got from Inspired crafts. They were so cheap & cute.....i did have plans of going pastel ...but on the way out of inspired yesterday the wild caught my eye...oh & a cow!

So i had this crazy idea of having a safari easter ...after all the kids go hunting for eggs.
My daughter thought i was insane 'why are you making a zebra egg mum?' hmmm because i can?

i havent yet finished but here is a sneak peak of some ive done pink cricut may just have to cut me out some wild animals to go with!!

I will post back closer to easter to show you what i have done with them in the end

thanks for looking
♥ from Me

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Me'n'miss Pink Cricut is giving away a Once upon a princess cartridge

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♥ from Me

Saturday, March 26, 2011

whoo hoo im getting Jacob!!

Over on Chloe & her clip on koalas blog she is in the midst of sending out her hunky helper Jacob to all her fabulous scrappy friends around the world. If your interested in having a hot chunk of plastic come help you to scrap please click on the link to take you to chloes blog and register your interest in having Jacob come visit you for a few sure he would provide lots of mojo magic & help you choose what colours go with what ...he seems like a helpful guy to have around!

Keep an eye out on my blog for when he comes into my life (yes i know i might be greedy...afterall i do have a real life Jacob & an Edward to for that matter!)
Click on the hunky link over on the left to check out where he is off to....don't wait too long or you may miss out on your chance to host him in your crafty space. While there check out how clever Chloe is with all her scrapping goodness!

Have a great weekend
♥ from Me

Friday, March 25, 2011

campin critters have arrived!

Yesterday i received my Campin' Critters Cartridge along with a few solutions & baseball.
I didn't get a chance to play with it last night as hubby went fishing with his new fishing buddy ( who is my scrappin' pal mykaelas partner) ....i guess that's what happens when you leave 2 guys with a bunch of kids alone together...they find they have a lot in common.

So onto this morning...we had plans on going out to a friends place but as hubby went out all night last night...i think he got home around 1.30am...he didn't get out of bed til 9am & hadn't done the things he had to do before we after lunch we hope to get to our friends place!  But i gave me time to whip up a 3d dome tent from campin' critters cart.....silly me thought the largest piece they would put first so i cut it at 9. something....WRONG!!!!  the next piece wouldn't cut at that redo on the first cut...but did the second cut ( black part of tent) first which if your wanting to know i  did at 8 1/4 inches ( it seems that's the biggest size on a 12x12 mat.).....cut out all the pieces & it all came together ok.....what do you think?

its rather cute.....may have to make the other one & have my own little camping ground on my craft mat!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.....let me know if you have made a tent (or any other cricut 3d item) so i can come check it out!
♥ from me

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Scrappy weekend

This weekend i spent 2 nights out scrapping with my friend mykaela...friday night we went to inspired friday & got home at 12....when i got home hubby was asleep & i was left standing outside for quite a bit...even a noisy fire engine with its loud cb radio callings didnt wake him....there had been a fire in Jandakot that afternoon & the local fire boys were just finishing up for the night.....had to go knock on the window where i thought he might have been asleep!

I got 4 layouts done that night...along with some shopping....i got an  I rock!! & you guessed it i used it on several of my layouts that night!!

The next day hubby said he was off fishing with mykaelas partner so i got to do more scrapbooking....but i was so tired so i just made cards for the eb swap! They had to be easter & include some embossed paper...i used my cuttlebug swiss dots folder & i cut the chocolate easter bunnies with my easter 2010 cricut cart

Today i painted my eifel tower i purchased on friday night.....but do you think i can get it together??
omg its just so hard....maybe when i have more patience... less tired... or kid free i may just work out how it goes together

 Here is a pic of our fruit mince pie on St Patricks day...topped with Green Mashed potatoes
 Here are the fish hubby caught while out fishing while i was at mykaelas yawning my head off!
 Scrap page i did at inspired friday.....used my i rock & the cute lil purses are the cuttlekids dies
 Easter eb card swap yet to add a sentiment....i used the doilies everyone asked me why i bought them so here is what ive used them for so far!

 Baby page done at inspired friday....Baby is heritage cartridge....adorable butterflies are a martha stewart punch i got my friend mykaela to take that night so i could use....its a really pretty punch!

These two are of birthdays...quite simple and trying to use my stash up before i buy more papers & embellishments...dont know if i can but im giving it a go!

hope everyone is having a great weekend
♥ from Me

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Long Weekend

We just had a long weekend here in sunny Perth.  We had such a busy start to the weekend ...lots of kids stuff....missy had an ear infection & in the end i missed out on getting to the inspired friday crop night!
Saturday night we took the kids down to the park to watch the summer of fun concert. We had a picnic dinner & the kids then went & checked out the bouncy castle & animal farm before the concert began. We watched the Cockburn Idol competition....some of them can sing quite well!
Then it was onto the 2 main singers/groups of the night.....Cassie Davis & Thirsty Merc
The kids went down to the 'mosh pit' to grab some freebies thrown out to the crowd....they came back with cooler bags & hats...they were so excited. Missy didnt stay down the front long as it was hurting her ear.
Scitech was also there roaming around showing kids the light displays....they all got some glow in the dark putty & a flashing light balloon.
I filmed some of the music but for some weird reason my camera only wanted to record for 15secs at a annoying  but i will find time to check out why it was doing that!

So here is some video...this is the one where they had stuffed the music up......

Thirsty merc....shame i couldnt get the whole song...this is one of my favourite ones!

Sunday was spent doing not much at all...went to the spud shed & later did some scrapbooking....Monday was spent cleaning & getting kids homework done

♥ from Me

Friday, March 4, 2011

eb card swap baby card

i got the baby card swap done this was based on a it was so hot this week i didnt think much so its quite a basic card...but still cute!

Its still quite hot & sticky here today & ive been so tired ...lack of sleep!!

baby is from stretch your imagination cart & scallop from storybook i think!