Tuesday, November 30, 2010

1st of December ......countdown to christmas begins!!

WOW i just cant believe its December already!! It means i have been blogging for a whole year!! Maybe not as much as i would have liked but hey it can only get better??

Ive done all the christmas cards, secret sant gifts, teacher gifts & am now onto sorting out gifts for the family!
Im getting a bit excited about christmas this year & to think of next year with so many new experiences for us all!!
We are putting up the xmas tree today ( as per tradition in this family!) we also get a photo of the kids together near the tree or in thinking my 11 yr old isnt wanting to do the whole santa suit thing this year so by the tree it will be!

Its a cooler day than the last few days so all windows & doors are open to cool the house back down...our power went off for awhile today also but that just made me do some cleaning!! lol

Here are a few photos of things ive done.....these are some photos of our day trip from cairns to the daintree!
I used the RELAX from rock princess cartridge & i cant remember if the barb wire was from indie art or scal!

here is a little basket i made for my sons choir teacher...i used the easter 2010 cart for the basket & jots for the wreath!

have a great start to the december rush!
♥ from Me

Thursday, November 18, 2010

its a hot one today!!

Today is so hot.....Im glad im not outside!! I have been cleaning the house & have now decided to get my stuff organised for the scrap day/night im going to tomorrow. I wanted to get a few things cut on the cricut as im not sure if i should take it....still deciding!!

I designed a few things to cut & did an xmas one last night & today i went to cut a first car border out & it wouldnt work...i dont know why it isnt cutting all my design...maybe i need to start annoying

I made some graduation cards from locker talk...a friends daughter is about to graduate year 7 & is off to high school next year & i also got to play with my robotz cart.....i made some cute retro bots!

I have made some xmas cards too but will post them another day

♥ from Me

Sunday, November 7, 2010

November .....the year is almost over!!

wow hasnt the year flown by!! i cant believe its nearly xmas & a new year on the way....makes me wonder just what have i done this year?? its gone so fast!!

I won a scrapCessories scrap caddy cartridge caddy ( try saying that fast several times!!) from Scrappy-go-lucky's blog!! It arrived today & i have already put it to good use & may need to buy an extra insert for it!
Its so Good & makes my carts look much neater than the plastic sleeves i was using before for those carts i didnt have boxes for!

I have been cleaning house today...tidying up lots of areas that needed it ie bathroom mirror vanity .....such a boring job that i hate doing it...but its now done....also sorted out stuff my little one has outgrown & will find someone to pass it along to!

I have a scrapbooking day coming up in a few weekends so am hoping to get one album finalised before then so  i can get stuck into another i have been heritage album! I purchased the Heritage cricut cart which arrived last im looking forward to using it in the album 

hope everyone is having a scrapping good day 
♥ from Me

Thursday, November 4, 2010

flat stanley is lovng western australia


Well its nearly time for me to send flat stanleys back to texas for the school children..they are going on one last adventure before they fly back to the US.

Last weekend we went on a drive up to the Pinnacles. Flat Stanleys had a great time & enjoyed every moment!

Here are some pics

thanks for looking at my blog :)
♥ from Me