Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Birthday

It was my birthday the other day & i got some great gifts!!!

I got 3  new cricut cartridges from america...they arrived on my birthday! Perfect timing!! I got Life is a beach, summer fun & easter 2010. I have had a quick play with them but cant wait for the weekend when i get more time!
Last weekend i went on a scrapbooking bus tour.. ( as part of my birthday present from darling husband) was the first one in western australia!! It was so much fun & even though i went by myself i met some lovely people & also got to meet a cricut forum member in person...other than just chatting to her online!
I bought new mats..both the 12x12 & the 12x 24! HUGE!!! got some great inks...glitters....papers ect
I really hope they organize another one ( when i save up some more money!)  It stopped at 6 scrapbooking stores and we had lunch at one of was excellent!
Got to make & take a lot of great things plus got a freebie bag on the bus filled with great scrapping items!

A pic of us getting on the scrapbooking bus!

A make & take of dusty attics chipboards..very sweet...the flower on chipboard is a pin/broach.

Last night my husband & i went to a preview screening of Going the distance movie. It was great & funny! Not to mention it was so good to have a child free night!!

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