Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend went so fast

The weekend went so fast!! We took the kids to Bunnings for an easter activity. They made the cutest easter bunny containers from mdf....they only had to paint them & put them together which is always a good thing when doing activities with kids...they seem to have short attention spans in large groups of kids!!
After that i went to my parents as it was my brothers birthday. Kids had a good time playing with their cousin. When i got home i started on my easter cards...i found the cutest easter digi stamp on someones blog that they had as a freebie! So ive coloured those in & will get onto completing those soon.
On sunday i started organizing what the easter bunny is going to bring the kids & also easter gifts we are giving to family. My nephew who just got his learners for driving also dropped by unannounced with his girlfriend ( who i hadnt met before) and my brother. Im not a huge fan of people dropping by without warning as most days my house gets so messy with kids stuff i had easter & craft stuff everywhere..i felt so embarrassed meeting his girlfriend for the first time in my messy house!
After they left i then got my son & i ready for the Fremantle dockers football game...we had to be there by 2.30 as the junior members had a football clinic on the oval before the game started. We got dropped off at fremantle train station & caught it in to subiaco oval. My little man is a train freak so of course daddy had to come in to the station with us as we boarded the train & seeing his face so excited as we left made my day!
The junior members got to go through the players tunnel & changerooms & into age groups for out on the oval for the clinic. After the clinic was over they all got given a few drinks of chocolate & strawberry milks & a poster of the team. We then made our way back to the other side of the oval to where our seats are & waited for my brothers to arrive before the game. It was the purple haze game so everyone was encouraged to wear purple & to donate to the starlight foundation which helps kids. They let out a huge amount of purple balloons into the sky as the team ran out & through their banner. They played against adelaide & fremantle totally won the game!! it was fantastic! We sit behind the cheer squad & they go nuts when the team gets a point & a goal!!
It was a great weekend ...but it did go so fast!!

♥ from me

Friday, March 26, 2010

Perth Storm

I survived the Perth storm! In saying that im so glad it did not wreak havoc in my many people were caught out on roads...picking up kids from school.....and lots of houses & businesses north of the river & in perth received the full force of it all. The hail was amazing and i so wished i had seen in real life...our area got sad little pebble sized hail not worth risking the lightning to go out & collect!
The rain was impressive & our road flooded over within 20 minutes ( rural area doesnt have drainage pipes). Our water tank is nice & full and i didnt notice any water damage on the roof which was my main concern being an older home.
We looked after a friends daughter on monday after school & we went to the park..i had read the storm warnings before we left to get the kids so we had moved our outdoor setting & anything that moved out the back away in the the park we walked around the oval as i watched the lightning & the dark clouds roll over perth.... as it got closer we jumped back in the car & headed back to the school to pick up my son who had a tennis lesson. They had just moved to undercover as the lightning & thunder got louder & closer. We decided to leave early to beat the storm home....we only just made it inside before the thunder boomed over shook the house!!
We lost power for awhile & when it returned it flickered off & on most of the night so we didnt have internet or tv just the battery powered shower radio for company & the kids ds for entertainment.
The sunset was an amazing colour! the sky went bright white & then darkened to reds/yellows & against the dark trees looked spectacular

Its nearly easter & im not ready.....we did buy easter egg molds & all the stuff to make easter eggs but i hope i find time to make them!!
I hope everyone has a lovely easter & stays safe over the holiday!

♥ from me

Thursday, March 18, 2010

ive been scrapbooking!!!! yay me!!!

I have been scrapbooking! I just bought a heap of stuff from a friend who closed down her scrap shop online & she had some great bargains on ebay!
I'm loving all the off the page items from kaisercraft like this boyz tag album & the little holder for them...Ive got to do another little one for my other son...but I'm sure to do it soon! Ive been using the kaisercraft flowers on my layouts quite happy with this layout as i wasn't so happy with the was from a professional photographer but i just didn't like the way my youngest was propped up on his just looked strange & so uncomfortable for him.....i know he would have preferred to jump on his brothers back & smile !
i guess even professional photographers have off days or moments.
i will try to post more of my scrap pages as i go along....i know i love seeing everyone's blogs filled with pages & inspiration. Im so tempted to go to a scrap retreat/weekend away but cant find any that are close enough to home & at the right time of the year...i hope i get to go to day!!

happy scrapping
♥ from me

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Eb card swap done!!

this morning i finished off the cards for the eb card group...we had to make it flower themed & there was instructions on split coast to do flower pot cards....i thought they would be difficult but they turned out ok....i used my cuttlekids flower die to make my flowers instead of the one on the instructions but they still look great....i glimmermisted the flowers stuck on the pot & chalked the others. my little man has a cold...we stayed home from scrapbooking group today but i hope to make it next week....our holiday documentation arrived so looking forward to our holiday!! I also received the cards from the march eb swap yesterday..they all look fantastic!!
here is the flower cards i completed today...thanks for looking :)

♥ from me

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spending the night with wes carr & jessica mauboy

Last night our local community hosted a family concert featuring Wes Carr & Jesicca Mauboy. It was a fantastic night with lots of singing & dancing!!

We arrived early so that we could watch the cockburn Idol competition finals sing...they were great..i did have a favourite & she won!! She was great! I cant remember her name but she knows how to sing!!

We had a picnic dinner & then went over to the free bouncy castles, mobile farm animals & missy got her hair spray painted pink with gold stars for a donation to the cancer foundation, she looked great!!

They had singers on after the idol finalist and then jesicca Mauboy came bouncing out on hello or intro just straight into the song!! lots of people scrambled to the front & several made it back to their seats so the first song lost me a little as too many people up & about but after that everyone settled down & it was a great night...when jesicca left the stage they had a short break & several people left leaving the kids & i made it safely down to the mosh pit & got to see wes carr up close!! it was amazing with the music vibrating through you & the ground .....he is fantastic....before we left he played the first song he sung for the night & everyone was joining in even on the way to the car!

We all had a great night out & didnt get home til just after went straight to bed and my little one was asleep before we got home! We cant wait to see who they choose to bring to the concert next year!! we truly are spoilt!!!