Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011!!

Happy new year...hope everyone is doing well for the beginning of 2011. So what do you have for a new years resolution?? I have a few NEED TO DO's this year..Number 1 is the obvious that most of us have....lose some weight, exercise more. Second is to obviously find more time or use my time more wisely to scrapbook & do crafts!!
This year im sending my youngest off to Kindy for 2.5 days a week...people have asked so what are you going to do in that free time?? i really dont know...but i do know i would love to help out at the school more & im not ready to get a job just yet..i want to be there for his kindy year like i was with the other year i will most likely get a job...but i really just want to be a mum for 1 more 2011 is going to be an exciting year!!

1st  day of January means taking down the Christmas decorations...i have taken them off the tree & will put the tree away soon. The wreath on the front door & other decorations around the home will also come down at some time today

We will also try to make time for resolution number 1 today either a swim at the beach or a walk around the block.....i may even go sort out some of my scrapbooking stuff or play with my gypsy!!

Hope everyone lives their dream in 2011!!

♥ from Me

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