Monday, May 30, 2011

paisley cards

hi all

I finished making the cards i had started on the weekend....with most things i always get interrupted so im glad i have got them done & now i have a clear spot on my kitchen table!

Its been raining most of today & HEAPS last was great as we so needed some rain!
Hope everyone has found some crafting time today :)

♥ from Me

Saturday, May 28, 2011

winter is approaching!!

Its starting to get chilly & the warm clothes have been pulled out ready for winter....its supposed to rain tomorrow & into the week!
I won an embossing folder the other day from 'Me 'n' miss pink cricuts arrived yesterday & today i got to crack it open & run it through my pink cuttlebug!
I also used my pink cricut to cut some cutie shapes from Paisley cartridge....the russian doll 3 & the ladybug!

Here are some pics....

I also made a clock for my daughter to practice on from the My community cart...but she ran off with it before the camera came out so no pics!

To the 50 followers winner....i sent your prize last week...i hope it arrives safely...please let me know when it gets there :)

Well im going to go do some more cricutting before i put the kids to bed!!
hope everyone is having a great weekend!

♥ from Me

Saturday, May 21, 2011

where did may go??

Its seems like ages since i have blogged....i wonder where the month of may has gone!
My life has been busy this month....but i now have a few minutes to update!
Yesterday i had my sewing machine out mending a few items for friends and i also had a t shirt ready to be done for my i got that done & off my to do list!
I had an old shirt with some applique pictures that i loved but the t shirt was old & raggy so i cut them off & sewed them onto a new t shirt for my son...he loves it! Its really good to recycle too!
here is a pic of him wearing it after i made it

I also went to my first "bug day scrap attack" at a local scrapbooking was ALL DAY!! i would love to say i got heaps done...but i really didnt! i had such a headache that i just wasnt really into it...but i did cut several things out and did a few simple pages...but i find if i dont feel well or inspired ...i just cant seem to scrap!! I did book in for next month so will do a redo & see how much i can do ( hope im not unwell then either!)

here are some pics of what i did on the day

Hope you have a lovely scrappy sunday!
♥ from Me

Friday, May 6, 2011

Its Mothers Day this Sunday

Hi all
What a week it has kids have just finished school holidays & have been back at school for 2 days....its now friday....Yay weekend!! Its also mothers day this Sunday!! So i seen this cute idea of making a personalized candle for a soon as i seen it i wanted to give it a try!
It was so simple...all you need are some pillar type candles (white is best) but i also used red which turned out you can see in my picture i used the small ikea candles (its all i had in my linen cupboard at the time)some white tissue paper....wax paper/greaseproof paper.... & a heat tool.

Stamp onto the tissue paper your design you want on your candle..i did some flower stamps & a little saying. Cut around it with scissors. Place it on your candle & wrap the wax paper around it..this is just to help hold it in place while you heat up the wax to melt the tissue paper into the can see it melt when you put the heat tool onto the design....dont melt it too much or you may burn yourself with hot wax! after its all been melted in smooth the wax paper around as you take it off to smooth off any rough waxy bits....there are a few youtube tutorials out there if you want to watch a video...i even seen a heidi swapp video of her putting the tissue paper through the printer instead of stamps!! so many great ideas out there!
Anyway here is my of these is off to my mum on mothers day...along with some other bought gifts & of course a handmade card!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend....especially all those hard working mums
♥ from Me