Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

hi all
HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all that celebrate it. It isnt a huge thing here in Australia but it is slowly catching on here...shops have started to have large carving pumpkins...halloween decorations & trick or treat bags & candy.
This year our Spring fair decided to have a halloween theme so the kids got to dress up & got some candy from some stalls along the way through the was great fun for them.
I then had a party to go to with my youngest so missy went to a friends place & they went out trick or treating in the neighbourhood...she surprisingly came home with her pumpkin treat basket full of candy, biscuits & even money! lol
My little one & i had a fun afternoon at a batman/super hero theme birthday party for his 4 yr old thinking they are now all loaded up on sugar and doubt much dinner will be eaten!

Here is the card i made for his friend & the gift bag we decorated for his gift

i had fun making his was the first time i made a name card like that with my cricut & design studio. I then cuttle-bugged the bottom with traffic jam folder & used the dino's & star diecuts also from cuttlebug & cuttlekids ranges. The birthday boy just got a dinosaur decorated bedroom so thought we would stick with dinos seeing that he likes them!

Hope everyone has a SPOOOKY fun night!!!

♥ from Me

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Eb Card swap october

Today was a strange was quite warm yesterday but today it was thundery & lots of rain....but that means i got to make the cards for the eb swap...i think i may be a little late getting them in the mail but they are complete now so all is going ok!
It was a sketch card with no particular theme so i decided to do love cards.
Here is a photo of the cards i made
I used heart stamps and the all my love stamp from stampin up, the pearls & rhinestones are kaisercraft.

Im hosting a few flat stanleys from a school in texas.  I went to laminate the 3rd one that arrived the other day...& hubby took over and put it in wrong ( dont ask how!!) and poor flat stanley ended up caught inside the machine...we had to pull it apart to get him out...he is now known as rolled stanley as he is now rolled & im hoping being stuck in heavy books for a day or 2 might straighten him out...i hope so anyway..i feel bad as i do have to send him back home to a little girl at the end of the month!!
here is a few pics i took before he got laminated....hanging around in the doll house.

have a great day

♥ from Me

Sunday, October 17, 2010

birthdays...october seems to be full of them!!

hi all
ive been so busy this month with so many birthdays i havent had much time to blog!
Kids are also back at school so i now get a moment to think...which means i can type in peace!!

Im glad that all my family birthdays are now over..which means i get to think about christmas!! It will be here before i know it.

For my daughters birthday she was sent to school with lollypops & cupcakes we are some photos

 We made the cupcakes & i then iced them and decorated them with what my 4 yr old called 'penguins'..they are actually little chick lollies but they are super cute! My daughter said everyone loved that was good..i made extra so that her teachers could have one too...she said the principal took one also!

I cut out flowers from one of the cricut carts..i cant think which one either accent essentials or it was had a hole in the middle already so all i had to do was pop the flower onto the sticks & scrunch them a little to make flowerpops!! I also had made this watering can awhile back that looks so cute!

ive been working on my holiday album...its taken longer than what the actual holiday was!! lol

Best be off to do some washing and cleaning to scrapbook tomorrow
take care
♥ from Me

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

christmas cards

The other night i made lots of gnomes from freshly picked. I then made cards using some kaisercraft xmas paper & cuttlebug frills folders.
Im going to make some girly gnomes when i find more time for mrs claus...dont they look so cute??
my baby is about to turn 4...he is growing so fast...i dont think he is a baby anymore :(
Yesterday while having a bbq lunch at a oval nearby he got swooped by a cut his skin above his ear...luckily it missed his was so scary watching the bird attack my baby :(

school holidays is nearly over has gone so fast!!
♥ from Me

Saturday, October 2, 2010

boy cards

i made some cards this afternoon ..using the new cartridge i received ...Everyday paper doll dress ups....i made some farm boy cards as my son is going to a birthday party that will have a mobile farm. It is also his birthday a few days before that made him a card too!!
I bought a new dcwv paper stack last week called citrus something so thats what these cards & the goodbye card i made was from.

School holidays are still i dont get much me time at the moment!
hope everyone has a great weekend!
♥ from Me