Sunday, November 29, 2009

christmas tree is up!!

This year we decided to put the tree up a few days early as it was the sick so we didnt go anywhere so we did the tree & put some lights out the back for the very first time!

The kids decorated the tree so it will never look like a store display..but at least i know it was decorated with love & fun!!

My little man broke a few decorations & he got quite just glad i didnt put the kids glass baby baubles on the thinking i might leave them off until closer to the day or maybe not even put them on this year.....3 yr olds are very much a handful and with an attitude of" i can do it all by myself" i can see the tree isnt going to fare too well this year!! This morning he has already found the switches to the lights on the tree and they are now beaming red & green.....luckily we went with battery operated lights on the tree!

I have a cold...i think i got it while shopping for presents...its the season of giving so i guess germs are included!!

i haven't done much scrapbooking but did do a few more Xmas keeping them simple now as im just not in the creative mood
i did do some more of Jessica Spragues holidays in hands album....i need to print a few photos of the tree to put in the album!!

have a good day!

♥ from Me

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

my first follower!! YAY!!!

Im so excited i have my first follower!!! hi!!!

Took my son back to the dr's today and instead of it being viral they are now thinking it might be caused by headaches/ these days have a lot of stress!! So now i have to keep a diary of when/if he gets this again & if it is a regular thing then they can give him medication for it....he hasnt thrown up all day today but said he has felt like it! oh & the dr he seen was called Dr christmas!!

Went scrapbooking today... it was good to get out of the house :)

i got a new ink pad today & a glue pad!! i cant wait to give it a try!! ive never used a glue pad before but it looks like it would make using glitter so easy!!

hope everyone out there is busy crafting!!

♥from Me

Monday, November 23, 2009

so cute sleigh!!

While looking for xmas decorations i could make using my cricut i came across this great site called cheeky magpie!! she has some fantastic stuff for you to download for scal.... If you want to take a look go here

I cut out the sleigh and hope to add the reindeer's too it too...and then ive got to chuck in my kids or maybe santa & some presents!!
i also attempted the bird was very fiddly!! as ive only got the baby bug i could only make a small birdie!!

Took eldest to the dr & its a bug going now im waiting for the rest of us to get it!

ive decorated a bit more on the pages i did yesterday for holidays in hand class...will do more when the kids are asleep!

♥ from Me

Sunday, November 22, 2009



what a weekend ive had!!! My eldest has been throwing up since friday night! Am i a bad mum for not wanting to hear him throw up?? its just so gross but i do feel for him...i dont know if its a bug that he has or something else?? he used to get like this when he was a baby & toddler & hasnt had too many outbreaks for awhile but he was sick a few weekends ago wasnt as long as this though and i wasnt at home... as i had a scrapbook crop night.....he had lots of test done when he was 4 but nothing could be found.....they thought it was meckels....the testing for that was not fun at all...and i hated having to hold him while he screamed and kicked the poor dr & hoping this is just another bug doing the rounds as im not upto doing tests..mind you he is a lot older now so would understand better.

On another note..seeing as though i couldn't get out of the house, apart from getting the paper from the front & hanging out washing ( i don't think that counts..but i did see sunlight!) i started my holidays at hand Christmas album....ive sorted upto day 27 and have now run out of page protectors so will buy more when i get to the shops....hope they still sell 8x8 size...... i haven't added any embellishments or stuck everything down as will have to wait to see what photos i take!!Im hoping i get to take a photo a day...there are days my camera gets neglected!!

I watched the biggest loser US today....that show makes me cry when it comes to makeover week!! Rudy looks so different its amazing what a shave can do!! His story was what made me cry!! Losing his sister to cancer at a young age affected him without even knowing it....

i will add photos of the album so far tomorrow when i have more time to take a photo!!

♥ from Me

Thursday, November 19, 2009

im starting to get into the christmas spirit......

Yesterday i went food shopping.....its so boring and nothing exciting....all the xmas stuff is out along with a lot of toys....and they always put them in the aisle you need to go down when you have kids ie nappies & wipes aisle!!

so after food shopping i went for a look in red dot as i really wanted a recipe stand for the christmas at hand display but couldnt find any at all!! they did have some a few weeks ago as i had wanted to buy it but put it back!

I did find some decorations for xmas for the windows/can be used on walls too apparently but our walls are not smooth so im going to use them on the doors & windows.... they were so cheap im thinking i better go buy some more before they sell out!!

i also got a cute little mini bin for the kids outside toys..ive been looking at these for awhile now & they had them on special from $30 down to $ love it!!

I have made a flip album for the Christmas at hand prompts for lesson 3 .....i am still looking for a stand for it not too far behind in the class now!!

♥ from Me

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Its Raining......its pouring

Its cold and wet feels like the middle of winter yet its supposed to be now heading into summer.....its very strange...had to go pull out the kids umbrellas that i had stored away....i think its back to jumping in puddles!! The photo above was taken in may...he wore those boots again yesterday & probably again today.....i will take a new photo.....if i take my camera out with me today!

I went to scrapbooking group yesterday..i didn't get much done to be honest.....but the intention was there so that's got to count right??
My little man enjoyed himself in the creche so that's something....walked in at the end of the session to find him wheeling about on a moo cow that looked like a giant bug with much fun for a 3 yr old!!

Its now day 3 of the online class...I'm feeling like I'm failing already!! i did print out the prompts but i haven't yet found a way to display them or decorate them.....I'm sure some inspiration will come soon....Christmas is getting so much closer and all i have on my mind right now are the bills!! i need to pay them so that it stops stressing me out...then i can enjoy the Xmas shopping and preparations for the holiday season.

Kids seem to have lots planned for end of year at school....swimming lessons and incursions & excursions.... special lunches....assemblies...ive also got to start thinking what to do as gifts for the teachers!

♥ from Me

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Im sick of picking up toys!!!

My kids seem to have so many toys that i seem to step on them all the time...ive become quite injured at times by these so called fun play toys that im left crying in a heap on the floor with plastic shrapnel stuck in my foot.....i dont know how santa is possibly going to fit another toy in here to be honest!!

However when they have been tidied away they dont seem to cause damage! so thanks to a friend who pointed me out a FREE chore chart, im hoping i might be able to get the kids to stick with it! and i may be able to walk around the house without constantly hurting myself!
Ive only printed the 2 older kids out one as to be honest i doubt i could get my 3 yr old to read it let alone understand what it is completely...but if he watches his siblings then he may never need one!! well here is hoping anyway!

Im going to cover my charts in contact so that i can reuse them over & over ( i would love to laminate them ..but i dont have a laminating machine)

If anyone is out there reading this & would love to have a chart can find it here at ModEco kids

and yay today im off to scrapbooking group feels like ages since i last went

♥ from Me

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ive commited myself to an online class!! oh my!!

So its now past midnight & ive finally got around to looking at my emails....ive got ebay stuff to pay & bills to sort all going through my mind & yet i go checkout this new class that was for free...i heard about it on the eb forums so thought i might have a might be what i need??
Its a Christmas class & it will take me all through til xmas & im supposed to spend 20 mins a day on took me that long to read through the class stuff and ponder what i will be needing the 16 pages of white cardstock for...and what size?? it didnt say...& where will i buy this paper?? im out of it is!

Jessica spragues holidays in hand online class
if you want to check it out go to

Assignment one: what are my values about Christmas??

Christmas to me means doing the traditional family stuff, like putting up the tree on the 1st December...making xmas treats with the kids and spending time together
I like to give rather than receive...i like to take a moment or so & think of family & friends that are no longer with us....i like to decorate with love and make handmade items...i love the glowing of christmas tree lights and love watching the kids reactions to seeing xmas displays & going to visit santa!
On christmas day i like that we can all be a family...even if we are so doesnt seem to matter....reflecting on xmases past and looking forward to more....i want my kids to grow up with joyful memories and to make traditions of their own...i love watching the kids open their presents and even though its messy and somewhat wasteful its still so fun to see a huge pile of wrapping paper at the end of the day while relaxing after a normally somewhat stressed day!

well i think thats most of my values for xmas.....i may come up with some more when its a decent hour of the day...

♥ from Me

Sunday, November 15, 2009

i have finally got SCAL 2

With the aussie dollar being reasonable to the Us$ i finally got scal 2! now all i need to do is find out how to install it! might leave that up to my hubby!!

kids were late to school today..its a bad habbit we cant seem to break! we are up early enough too!! kids woke me at early i hate mornings..would rather be sleeping!

our trip to qld is being organised for next year..i cant wait as ive never been...i think there is even a few scrapbooking shops in cairns that i might just have to go visit!

i did some scrapbooking late last 2 pages done! i think i spend more time online looking at everyones wonderful work rather than doing any!!

well im off to work out how to use scal2!!

♥ from Me

the joys of being married to a computer geek!

my darling husband decided to finally update my computer and i now have windows 7....but that also means ive lost all my passwords & bookmarked sites...its so sad...he didnt save a copy of them like he did his own i can remember the upteen passwords for forums ect i go to!! and i now have no pics left on my computer....i will have to get them back on as im lost without my photos!!

My daughter ran out the back door this afternoon & into a goanna!! her screams im sure would have sent it deaf!! im sure they have ears...dont they?
so she came screaming back inside saying theres something out there!! so out i go to see the poor goanna sitting there wondering what had happened! He was a big one too...and i watched to see where he went after the kids got bored watching him & it looks like he might be a stayer....will have to watch where i step now when going to hang the washing out, would rather the lizard than a snake though!

♥from me

Saturday, November 14, 2009

lazy sunday

i really should be cleaning the house or hanging out the washing that i started this morning but instead i have been sorting out photos from the past! its so hard to know how to put them in an album when i have limited information on who is in some of the photos....but im slowly filling in the blank spots as i get more photos and family tree scrapbook is getting there..i doubt i could ever say it will be completed as with all families it just keeps on growing...i need to add more babies to the list of the tree already...which i only updated beginning of this year!
I got hold of grandmas old tin of photos and now have my own copies to sort through...this photo above was taken when she was living at home on the farm in baldivis/safety go there now all you would see is a big roundabout! i think there might still be a windmill that they used for pumping water but thats about it....looking at the picture its amazing that they used to live in houses made of sticks and clay bricks ect..the shed behind them is made of sticks! Grandma started the milk run in the area while the men were at war.
i should go hang out that are outside playing & riding their bikes...i dont know what happened to the forecast of rain..but it isnt here.

♥ from Me

eb card swap november

these are the cards i made for the eb card swap for November...they are supposed to be environmentally inspired with no particular purpose ie birthday/xmas. So i came up with these..i think they are cute..i used the cuttlekids die of flying bugs, cuttlebugs embossing folder, cricuts paper pups cartridge for the 'smile' fiskars threading water punch and some brads & string..i was awaiting on some twine from stampin up but i didn't get it in time so found this coloured string that seemed to work...i cant wait to see what everyone else came up with..its exciting getting mail that isnt bills!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

strawberries yum yum!!

Strawberries are in season!! We buy a whole tray for $10 at a little place on the side of the road a few streets away from home...they are so yummy & the kids get excited seeing who can find the biggest & smallest in the tray! We are turning some of them into jam....just need to sterilize the jars and then we are set for an afternoon of jam making....the kids love jam and the last lot we made went really fast!!
Its quite easy to make not a cook so if i can do it anyone can!!
equal parts strawberries to sugar, and follow the jam setta packet instructions and its that easy!!
I havent done any scrapbooking for a few days....i wanna scrap but i just cant seem to get into it at the moment...i think im in need of more sleep, my kids are waking me up as soon as the sun comes up.....arrghhh im hoping to pay them back when they are teens and want to keep sleeping. I did cut out some cute xmas silhouettes that i want to get framed...or i may just use them on my xmas pages...i cant remember where i got the svg from so wont put a pic up of them just wanting to make a advent calendar for the kids but it might be one of those things that doesnt get done & i buy the choc ones at the shops half way through the countdown!!
better go check on the jam!

♥ from me

my lost but not forgotten great great uncle les!

A few weeks ago while up way too late, i went in search of some info on my relatives, i was actually going to find old pics on my dads side of the family but found mums instead so while going through the files of old stuff i have, i came across some old newspaper clippings about les, he was my great great uncle who was taken prisoner out at sea from the merchant ship he was on called the tairoa i googled the info & found a website about another persons relative that was also aboard the graf spee....the ship that sunk the i emailed them and to my surprise they are going to send me a dvd of the movie which les took part in after he got saved, called 'for freedom!', im so excited for that to arrive....its coming from england so who knows how long it will take!! also he put me in touch with another lady who's father was also from the tairoa and from australia! she had some lovely photos which she sent me and some other newspaper clippings from that just so in awe with the photos as les looks a lot like my older brother...its amazing to see here is one of the photos of my great great uncle Les Adamson ( on the left) with Jack Daley ( on the right). If anyone out there is reading and knows about the graf spee or the altmark way back when then please let me know :)

♥ me

my first ever blog

this is my first ever blog post..i have no idea what im dooing but everyone else i know seems to have a feeling a little left out...but im sure i may get over that as this seems to take up some time....where do people get the time to write a blog anyway??

i should do a post with some info on me...but might do it later

im into scrapbooking, card making and spend most time with my family

♥ from me