Monday, July 26, 2010

Still loving my new pink cricut!

Over the weekend i was given a bookcase from a friend.....its just what i needed & fits in well with my bedroom.
I organised all my books & scrapbooking magazines into it so it left a space on my desk for my PINK cricut!! YAY it now has a home.....I also pulled out all the cartridges i had in the draw to keep next to it so i know what i have when im browsing at all the online stores!! shhh!!! so i don't accidentally buy 2 of the same! 
I did do a little online shopping again since my last post of kaisercraft stamps ect & that was to buy a BIG BITE cropadile!! It was at such a great price & came with 3 packets of eyelets/gromlets!! I was looking for a cricut for my friend when i spotted it so after a few days of thinking should i? shouldnt i? i did! Im now just awaiting its arrival! 

As Ive been trying to get my pages done of our amazing holiday to cairns Ive been cutting out some palm trees & turtles & heaps of cute things on the cricut to add to my pages

My darling first son today bought a dj hero game with turntable with the money he earned on the weekend...the store apparently had them on sale over the weekend but didnt remove the special sale price for the day so we ended up getting it for $48 instead of the $149 it rrp at! He was overjoyed!! Im not too sure if my ears are but hey at least the incessant drumming has stopped!! 

Im getting excited about my first ever scrapbooking bus tour im going on!! Unfortunately it is on election day so i hope to get that done with before the fun of the day begins!! I have only been to one of the stores on the list so it should be exciting to see what each store has to offer & to meet some scrapbooking ladies ( although meeting new people is a little daunting for me!) 

Its been raining again & looks like it will all so looking forward to spring!!

♥ from Me

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