Friday, September 10, 2010

Losing day Friday

Yesterday my kids school had their sports carnival. It was a nice sunny day without too much wind..which was surprising as it is always blowing a gale there!
I made the kids some posters for their faction redback spiders with my cricut & design studio. It was basic as i had been sick all week with a horrible head cold or something so did them thursday night.
 The spider was from stretch your imagination & the font was the stamped cartridge. I then made one for my other child which used the spider & web from paperdoll dress ups and i think it was basecamp for the font. I will find a pic of that one later.
There faction team didnt win ...they came last...but they had a great day.
After getting home we got ready to watch the fremantle dockers play at the mcg in melbourne. Sadly they didnt make it further into the finals either!! They had a great year & im sure they can play even better next year!!

hope everyone has a good weekend...its the 9th anniversary of the twin was such a scary time & being heavily pregnant with my daughter i remember thinking i didnt want to bring her into such a world of hate & destruction. To all those that lost someone or many that they loved i hope you find a listening ear & a hug this weekend.

♥ from Me

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