Monday, October 31, 2011

getting some scrap done!!

hi all

Here are some things i did for some blog challenges
Over at Fussy & Fancy Friday challenge they have a three b's black, border punch & bling challenge

I did this page of my relatives wedding

I used a border punch, some bling on the flowers & black paper...i used some cricut cuts from Phrases cart

Also over at The Paper Variety: no tricks just treats challenge i made these cute little pumpkins for my sons kindy class....they are so itty bitty....i must have been crazy to cut them so small!!

Also Im entering my Haunted house over at Bitten By the Bug 2 : happy Hauntings witch challenge
It took a while to make this house & my son then wanted a witch and some white ghosts plus spooky trees!!

More than Favours also have an anything goes challenge so i made my kids some treat bags for halloween....inside are lolly snakes!!

wow i got challenge happy didnt i!!
hope everyone has a SPOOKY HALLOWEEN

♥ from Me

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween 12 hour Crop

Hi all

Yesterday a fantastic scrap store near by had a 12 hour scrap day/ i was on the wait list i only got a spot a few weeks ago so with all my kids parties i totally forgot about the dressing up part of the day!

Thankfully it doesn't take much to turn me into a witch!! just ask my husband!!

when i arrived i got shown to my seat...i was with a bunch of witches!! we made up the four witches of scrap....i was Provo witch & Carlene was stuck in the 80's and the 2 other witches were just plain scary....i heard one witch crossed over to the dark side & bought a blue machine that doesn't sound as good as our pink cricuts!!

Here we are at the beginning of the day looking spooktacular

I had a crazy witchy idea to make the haunted house from happy hauntings cart....after i cut out all my pieces Carlene came flying back to her seat & her cape blew several pieces away & i lost a piece lol so i had to cut it again!! It took forever...or felt like it... was a few hours thats for sure...i wouldn't recommend it if you are either looking after kids, drunk or have no you really need to be able to think how the pieces go together!! I cut the windows out of vellum so that i could put a battery operated candle inside. Im yet to make it look more spooky & have plans today to cut some trees ect youngest son told me it needs a ghost!

We were all given a frame to decorate..i did mine in a hurry so that i could get on with the house that everyone told me would take all day....Inspired then took all our pics to go in them which was a great idea...i am going to put mine on a layout later!

I think this was someones husband....he might be a reg....he waited ages for his wife to stop scrappin'...poor guy!!!

I will be back later with some of the pages i got done for some challenge blogs!!

thanks for flying in to have a look

♥ from Me

Thursday, October 27, 2011

New washi tapes at Sawyers Place!

Hi all

Yesterday i got delivery of the brand new Exclusive designed washi tape from Sawyers Place. Its the new Ophelia Collection & its Devine!!! I couldnt wait to have a play with it....i made a birthday card in quick time!!

This card Im entering over at Birthday Sundaes challenge to use Black, white purple & green!

I used the New Ophelia collection washi tape Insanity Script & Regal Damask along with some green card stock i embossed & a cut from the cricut.

This weekend is a long weekend...its started already...due to the Queen arriving & what does one do when the Queen is in town?? Have a Halloween crop of course!! Im off to a all day Halloween crop on Saturday....i think i will get dressed up...but i don't have much in the way of fancy dress...most stuff in my wardrobe is scary as it in ancient...i don't go shopping for me very often!!

I got a provo pickup this week too....3 new carts...all cricut events plus i have a few more winging their way to me as i type!!

have a Spooky weekend everyone!!!
♥ from Me

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ahoy there ye pirates!!!

Arggghhh the pirate party is done with....all shipmates had a blast!

I had lots of fun getting my sons pirate party organized & now that its done i think i need to focus on Christmas!!

Here are a few things i made using my cricut for his 5th birthday
I made this for the table centre piece....i then chucked some chocolate gold coins around it...which i found surprisingly most still there at the end of the party!!
I called the ship S S NOAH.

Nothing cricut here.... just the party plates & everyone got a choc coin

This was his cake....he had wanted this cake from the first time he had seen it in the shops....woolies was able to write his name on it when we ordered it!

I found these cute sails online for cupcakes...the kids all wanted a cupcake!!

We had lots of games for the kids....we did pass the parcel, find the sea creature, Pirate Pete says, Pirate bobs, blast the cannons and then a treasure hunt to find the treasure chest! Here are the kids looking for the clue....i made the bottles & clues & sadly they all went home with some of the kids! they loved the did i!

They were super easy to make!! grab some clean 600ml plastic bottles & some masking tape & away you go! it does get tedious after the first 2 bottles but the joy on their faces was worth it!! I then Tim holtzed it with distress inks & cut out some cute pirate decos from wrapping paper & cut out the numbers with miss pink cricut for the bottles.....for the clues i found a great old world map & in paint i wrote the clues out over the top...printed & then cut them out!!

Noah really wanted this pinata when we seen it....i grunged it up again using tim & cut some piratey things on the cricut ie a pirates life for me, pirate party & some skulls not to mention the big X marks the spot for the treasure hunt!!

By now you might be about ready to walk the plank...but hang in there im nearly done!!

I bought some bubbles for the kids as a prize...however they did not look at all like a pirate would own such a miss pink came to the rescue & cut out tiny little skulls with ebony vinyl...argghhh now they looked the part!!

I made a banner plus a pirate party poster which we put up ....yeah i think im nearly done.....

I also cut out Pirate ships for one of the beard, blue beard & black beards ships!!

I made these lunch bags into pirate loot bags for the kids....they each got one with their first pirate prize & then used them for the pinata at the end of the day...arrghhh they took forever to do & Timmy came through for me again...those inky squares are Tim holtz & i used a skull left over (template) from the cricut to ink up & some alpha stamps & then i drew treasure maps islands boat etc on each square.....let me just say im one dedicated party planner!!!

So there me hearties i think i covered the party quite well ....nobody got eaten by a crocodile or made to walk the plank...all pirates were returned to their landlubbers in one piece with a huge smile a balloon sword & a rather large amount of those scurvy pirates that stole me treasure hunt bottles!!

hope you made it through all those pics in one piece...if i have forgotten something keep an eye out for another pirate post!!

♥ from Me

Thursday, October 20, 2011

One party down another to go!!

Wow this month has been a full on one!!
Kids have now gone back to school & Missy has had her pool party!!
Now i just have my sons Pirate party this weekend & then i think im all partied out!!

My daughter had a great time at her party...even though several of her friends couldn't make it at the last minute which made her a little sad :(

It was an easy & relaxed party as it included a pool party play leader who played games & sorted out the all i had to do was take photos & check that no one was drowning!

She had an ice cream cake but i also made some cupcakes for any kids that didn't want ice cream! I made the cupcake toppers with Life's A Beach cartridge for my cricut...they were so cute!!
It was the hottest day for October on her birthday so the icing & sprinkles had started to reminded me of her 8th birthday party when i had made her a fairy doll cake & the icing melted then too as it was the hottest day back then & the poor fairy lost her wings & dignity! Her icing top part of her dress covering her plastic boobs had melted away making her a very indecent fairy...the kids had thought it was funny!!

All the kids & parents commented on the lolly bags i had made...i even heard a few teen girls that passed by the party table comment about how cute they were lol

I used some Washi tape i got from Sawyers Place to make the cute little flag buntings on the handles of the lolly bags & also the stripe at the bottom of the bag

After the party i printed out some pics to send to the party guests on my Polaroid pogo..i always try to get a pic of the birthday child with each guest....i then cut out some window cards from the Life's a beach cart & sent them off with missy to school to hand out.

Im looking forward to my little mans Pirate party as he has been wanting it since after he turned 4!! I have just completed making most games & activites plus have all the prizes in a treasure chest ready to go! I have made jelly cups & have cupcakes to get onto making!

hope everyone is having a great week & enjoy the weekend
♥ from Me

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

having a smurfin good holiday

Our school holidays have just kicked into its second be honest we havent done a huge amount other than go to the Royal show, visit family, celebrated my babys 5th birthday, gone to the park watched a few movies...smurfs was one of them!
I loved the smurfs when i was little so it was great to see them come back for my kids to enjoy!

I finally got around to making that card for the person i know going through the first few challenges breast cancer sends their way.....i made it a smurf card as her daughter was so excited about the smurfs the last time we chatted....

Also here is a card i made for my daughters birthday coming up in a few days time!

Have a smurfin' good day!
♥ From Me

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Want some FREE washi tape??


did my title get your attention? i hope so!! It certainly got mine when i seen it!

Head on over to Sawyers Place Blog & read all about it...its quite simple to get a roll!!

I'm not sure if this offer is for Australians only...but no harm in asking if your not from Aus!

My son just had his 5th birthday...he is having a pirate party!! i cant wait to post what i have made...but will wait til after his party
He went to a kindy friends pirate party last week (popular theme this year!!) & here is the card i made for his friend

I made the little treasure box also...its so cute!! I embossed it with a woodgrain embossing folder to make it look like a wooden pirates chest!! ARGGHHH!!!

So get on over to Sawyers place & check out her blog...she is new to the bloggy world so say hi!!

♥ From Me

Monday, October 3, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Someone i know has just been diagnosed with breast cancer...she has had such a bad year so far so this is just the icing on the cake so to speak....I just found out that its also breast cancer awareness month in im thinking i might need to make her a let her know that i am around to help in anyway...even though i know she has the most amazing family that seem to get through lots of lifes obstacles together!

Breast Cancer Awareness

Click Here For Images &
Breast Cancer Awareness Pictures - Pictures

So if your like me & have never ever thought to do that task of checking your boobs ...maybe this is the month to get the courage....yeah im also trying to tell that to does need to get done...just like those pap smears!!

will post a card when i get around to doing it...for now its just making me sad thinking about it!

♥ from Me