Monday, June 21, 2010

So im supposed to be scrapbooking in this blog ......

But i dont think i show many of my scrapbook pages! Must admit i dont take photos of my scrapbook pages often but i came across a few pics of when i did & thought i should post them...i do scrapbooking...honest i do!!

so here are some things i have done....ive done many more but taking photos of recent stuff seems to take time & effort & i seem to lack both of these at present!
This one is of my sons first ever jump off the jetty in took forever but he finally found the courage to jump!

i enjoyed making this has photos of my 3 kids as babies...time sure does fly!

Australia Day is always celebrated in our family!
I used sure cuts a lot for the aussie map! 

hope to get more pics done one day of stuff ive done recently.....but for now this will do......

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

EB card swap for june is posted!

i got the eb card swap done the weekend i got back from holiday & just realized last night i haven't posted it it!! but its now done & on its way!

As it was a small group this month ( even i didnt think i would have found the time..but i did!)  we ended up doing a male & female easel card with a nature theme. I inked my cuttlebug folders! oh my that is messy but it gave a good effect.....i think!

I also got some more blog candy from the blog win last month...i got lots of pretty ribbons & bits to play with now & so many great cards! I did take a photo but i dont know where it is hiding but i will find it one day!  edited!! i ve found it!!

Thanks so much to those that were involved with the inklings first blog hop prize!! 

My son is off to his first interschool sports day today....he is excited to go 
Missy went to her "new" friends place yesterday after school & had a great time...technically they are old friends but as she was a baby/toddler she cant remember playing with them before & when a new girl came into her class room she made friends with her not knowing i already knew her & the family... she even got a special virtue voucher for helping her settle into the new school....aww my missy can be quite caring! 

anyway im off to do some housework! argghhh do i reeeeally have to!  ( said in my charli & lola voice! )

I may even scrapbook!! i do have a nearly complete layout sitting on my kitchen table as i type!

♥ from Me

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A week away in Paradise

We arrived back home the other night after such a fantastic week away in far north Qld! Its so pretty up that end of Australia i think i could easily go live there if only they didn't have cyclone weather!

We left Perth  & it took all day to get to cairns! We got picked up at the airport and taken to the hotel along the Cairns Esplanade..we were a bit disappointed to see the lagoon was under refurbishment ( as was the airport!) We seen several bats flying about and the birds were very noisy even late at night!
somewhere over australia

Early the next day we got taken back to the airport to fly out to cook town for 2 days of Fishing. We arrived at the most smallest airport ive ever seen! It was very quaint! We got picked up & taken to the motel along the waterfront & then started our day of fishing!

I caught the first 2 fish much to my husbands annoyance considering i havent been fishing since before kids arrived! The river was amazing with all the mangroves & trees sign of crocodiles but im sure they were there....After lunch we then headed out to sea...i love being out at sea...its so peaceful & quiet....mind you without the kids our whole holiday was very relaxed & peaceful!

We caught some fish for dinner & some for a few more nights worth.....We then headed down for a walk to check out captain cooks rock & statue & walked down to the post office to find most places shut early in cook town! 

Next day up early & packed & more fishing til lunch time ..i got some pretty coral trout & other pretty fish....took photos of them whenever i could & hubby had a great time bringing in some big fish & shark

It was sad to leave cook town. After our flight back to cairns we were taken back to the hotel & we had fish for dinner & listened to the entertainment along the esplanade.

We got up early & had breakfast & got picked up for the sky-rail & kuranda scenic rail  tour. The Skyrail was amazing!! Very well run and the tour guide along the first stop was great! Took lots of photos of all the rain forest & waterfalls along the way. After arriving at kuranda & having our pic taken on the skyrail we headed off into the town.

We checked out the honey place & was so sad not to be able to take some rain forest honey home with us due to the customs laws in WA. After looking through the markets we then went to Bird world where the birds landed all over darling husband! It was quite a sight to glad they didnt attack me! i got to have a giant bird sit on my shoulder on the way out so that was fine with me!

Onto the Butterfly sanctuary & they fluttered by constantly i even held one on my hand! The Ulysses butterfly was just so spectacular along with the green bird wing so vivid in colour!!

We then got to the train station & boarded the scenic train back to freshwater station where our ride was awaiting to take us back to the hotel. I liked the scenery but was not a fan of the way it was run..we were given seats only to find people already in them & no one on board to direct you to somewhere else! Luckily after the train got on its way a worker walked through & told us we could go sit in the other carriage as it was empty....from that point i felt much better & got to see so much more...just a shame the service wasnt there from the beginning  as it did taint it a little for us especially after having great service from the skyrail workers!

The waterfalls were amazing and i think i could have watched them all day if i could!

When we got back to cairns we seen the scenic train go by while dropping off people to their accommodation before we got to ours.  We went for a swim in the pool at the hotel & then got ready to have dinner at the reef casino. While having dinner we got to watch the Fremantle dockers football team win! YAY!!!  We then played most of the night on the machines.

The next day we headed off to green Island on the great barrier too was so peaceful we went on the glass bottom boat tour when we got there & seen some amazing coral & fish..not to mention the turtles!

We then grabbed the snorkeling  gear at the dive shop & went for a walk along the rain forest on the island...then making our way back to the beach to head off for some snorkeling & relaxed swimming for all of the morning...i think it was amazing!! So many fish and coral to see & a few newbie swimmers freaking out & waving for help made the morning fun!
For lunch we got attacked by the local birds who would jump up into your lap to steal your food..they were worse than seagulls!
For Dinner we had a sunset cruise along trinity inlet & seen a crocodile along the was great to see one & the sunset was so pretty....from the cruise we headed off to dundees resturant for dinner. We got to try crocodile for an entree & had fresh barramundi for mains & even though we felt full we managed to fit in a lovely vanilla bean & strawberry icecream dessert!
We then headed back to the casino & won our money back so all was good.

The next day we had a scenic cape tribulation tour which included a swim at mosman gorge ( i thought it was too cold so i let hubby do the swimming but was a little jealous of how beautiful it must have been swimming in it rather than watching from the rocks!) We crossed the daintree river by barge and had a daintree forest tour.. and a daintree wild zoo tour seeing cassowaries kangaroos crocodiles ect then onto cape tribulation where we had lunch and went for a walk along the beach & forest ..we wrote our names in the sand!

We then had a daintree river cruise & spotted lots of birds, snakes & crocodiles! It was amazing & recommend everyone to do it!
On the way back we stopped off at the daintree icecream factory & had some icecream & bought some daintree tea. We stopped off & watched the sunset a little before heading back into Port Douglas and then back to cairns before 7pm...that night we had the last of the fish we caught in cook town on one of the free bbqs along the esplanade

Sadly the next day was home time so we packed our bags and went to have breakfast & a walk along the esplanade...we watched crabs & fish wash out of the muddy riverlets and seen a playground that i knew my kids would of loved!

Back to the hotel for checkout & await for our ride back to the airport heading to sydney & then from there onto Home...while in sydney we grabbed some dinner (subways) and some krispy kreme donuts to take home for the kids.

I missed my kids so much but really enjoyed our holiday in far north tropical Queensland! 

Last photo is of the great barrier Reef on the flight to sydney

♥ from Me

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Blog hop prize arriving

I got some exciting mail this week....the inklings blog hop prizes have been arriving!! Its so exciting to get mail & pretty mail at that!!
Here is a pic of what i have received ....
arent they just devine!!

 ♥ from Me