Tuesday, November 30, 2010

1st of December ......countdown to christmas begins!!

WOW i just cant believe its December already!! It means i have been blogging for a whole year!! Maybe not as much as i would have liked but hey it can only get better??

Ive done all the christmas cards, secret sant gifts, teacher gifts & am now onto sorting out gifts for the family!
Im getting a bit excited about christmas this year & to think of next year with so many new experiences for us all!!
We are putting up the xmas tree today ( as per tradition in this family!) we also get a photo of the kids together near the tree or in thinking my 11 yr old isnt wanting to do the whole santa suit thing this year so by the tree it will be!

Its a cooler day than the last few days so all windows & doors are open to cool the house back down...our power went off for awhile today also but that just made me do some cleaning!! lol

Here are a few photos of things ive done.....these are some photos of our day trip from cairns to the daintree!
I used the RELAX from rock princess cartridge & i cant remember if the barb wire was from indie art or scal!

here is a little basket i made for my sons choir teacher...i used the easter 2010 cart for the basket & jots for the wreath!

have a great start to the december rush!
♥ from Me

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