Sunday, November 29, 2009

christmas tree is up!!

This year we decided to put the tree up a few days early as it was the sick so we didnt go anywhere so we did the tree & put some lights out the back for the very first time!

The kids decorated the tree so it will never look like a store display..but at least i know it was decorated with love & fun!!

My little man broke a few decorations & he got quite just glad i didnt put the kids glass baby baubles on the thinking i might leave them off until closer to the day or maybe not even put them on this year.....3 yr olds are very much a handful and with an attitude of" i can do it all by myself" i can see the tree isnt going to fare too well this year!! This morning he has already found the switches to the lights on the tree and they are now beaming red & green.....luckily we went with battery operated lights on the tree!

I have a cold...i think i got it while shopping for presents...its the season of giving so i guess germs are included!!

i haven't done much scrapbooking but did do a few more Xmas keeping them simple now as im just not in the creative mood
i did do some more of Jessica Spragues holidays in hands album....i need to print a few photos of the tree to put in the album!!

have a good day!

♥ from Me

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