Saturday, November 14, 2009

lazy sunday

i really should be cleaning the house or hanging out the washing that i started this morning but instead i have been sorting out photos from the past! its so hard to know how to put them in an album when i have limited information on who is in some of the photos....but im slowly filling in the blank spots as i get more photos and family tree scrapbook is getting there..i doubt i could ever say it will be completed as with all families it just keeps on growing...i need to add more babies to the list of the tree already...which i only updated beginning of this year!
I got hold of grandmas old tin of photos and now have my own copies to sort through...this photo above was taken when she was living at home on the farm in baldivis/safety go there now all you would see is a big roundabout! i think there might still be a windmill that they used for pumping water but thats about it....looking at the picture its amazing that they used to live in houses made of sticks and clay bricks ect..the shed behind them is made of sticks! Grandma started the milk run in the area while the men were at war.
i should go hang out that are outside playing & riding their bikes...i dont know what happened to the forecast of rain..but it isnt here.

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