Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Its Raining......its pouring

Its cold and wet feels like the middle of winter yet its supposed to be now heading into summer.....its very strange...had to go pull out the kids umbrellas that i had stored away....i think its back to jumping in puddles!! The photo above was taken in may...he wore those boots again yesterday & probably again today.....i will take a new photo.....if i take my camera out with me today!

I went to scrapbooking group yesterday..i didn't get much done to be honest.....but the intention was there so that's got to count right??
My little man enjoyed himself in the creche so that's something....walked in at the end of the session to find him wheeling about on a moo cow that looked like a giant bug with much fun for a 3 yr old!!

Its now day 3 of the online class...I'm feeling like I'm failing already!! i did print out the prompts but i haven't yet found a way to display them or decorate them.....I'm sure some inspiration will come soon....Christmas is getting so much closer and all i have on my mind right now are the bills!! i need to pay them so that it stops stressing me out...then i can enjoy the Xmas shopping and preparations for the holiday season.

Kids seem to have lots planned for end of year at school....swimming lessons and incursions & excursions.... special lunches....assemblies...ive also got to start thinking what to do as gifts for the teachers!

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