Friday, November 13, 2009

my lost but not forgotten great great uncle les!

A few weeks ago while up way too late, i went in search of some info on my relatives, i was actually going to find old pics on my dads side of the family but found mums instead so while going through the files of old stuff i have, i came across some old newspaper clippings about les, he was my great great uncle who was taken prisoner out at sea from the merchant ship he was on called the tairoa i googled the info & found a website about another persons relative that was also aboard the graf spee....the ship that sunk the i emailed them and to my surprise they are going to send me a dvd of the movie which les took part in after he got saved, called 'for freedom!', im so excited for that to arrive....its coming from england so who knows how long it will take!! also he put me in touch with another lady who's father was also from the tairoa and from australia! she had some lovely photos which she sent me and some other newspaper clippings from that just so in awe with the photos as les looks a lot like my older brother...its amazing to see here is one of the photos of my great great uncle Les Adamson ( on the left) with Jack Daley ( on the right). If anyone out there is reading and knows about the graf spee or the altmark way back when then please let me know :)

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