Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The countdown begins!!

So i had plans of making an advent calender for the kids but as with life it is now 2nd december and it didnt get done! i did however buy them the choc filled ones they open each they are happy with those thinking its the chocolate!! lol

I have done all the xmas cards & started handing them out today....i even made my nephews birthday card for friday....its rather liking the skulls roller stamp from stampin up!
i got the funky forrest one too which is rather cute also!

i have done my first page for the holidays in hand thinking i can get it done!! i do have to take a pic of something warm....but im thinking maybe as its a little warm here as it is something cold might be better!!

The weeks are getting busy and most days are now filled with getting stuff ready for end of school & Christmas!! Our school has also decided to chuck in some swim lessons right at the very end of the school year! so soggy wet towels and bathers are in store for the end of year!!

♥ from Me

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