Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Im sick of picking up toys!!!

My kids seem to have so many toys that i seem to step on them all the time...ive become quite injured at times by these so called fun play toys that im left crying in a heap on the floor with plastic shrapnel stuck in my foot.....i dont know how santa is possibly going to fit another toy in here to be honest!!

However when they have been tidied away they dont seem to cause damage! so thanks to a friend who pointed me out a FREE chore chart, im hoping i might be able to get the kids to stick with it! and i may be able to walk around the house without constantly hurting myself!
Ive only printed the 2 older kids out one as to be honest i doubt i could get my 3 yr old to read it let alone understand what it is completely...but if he watches his siblings then he may never need one!! well here is hoping anyway!

Im going to cover my charts in contact so that i can reuse them over & over ( i would love to laminate them ..but i dont have a laminating machine)

If anyone is out there reading this & would love to have a chart can find it here at ModEco kids

and yay today im off to scrapbooking group feels like ages since i last went

♥ from Me

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