Sunday, November 15, 2009

the joys of being married to a computer geek!

my darling husband decided to finally update my computer and i now have windows 7....but that also means ive lost all my passwords & bookmarked sites...its so sad...he didnt save a copy of them like he did his own i can remember the upteen passwords for forums ect i go to!! and i now have no pics left on my computer....i will have to get them back on as im lost without my photos!!

My daughter ran out the back door this afternoon & into a goanna!! her screams im sure would have sent it deaf!! im sure they have ears...dont they?
so she came screaming back inside saying theres something out there!! so out i go to see the poor goanna sitting there wondering what had happened! He was a big one too...and i watched to see where he went after the kids got bored watching him & it looks like he might be a stayer....will have to watch where i step now when going to hang the washing out, would rather the lizard than a snake though!

♥from me

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