Monday, November 16, 2009

Ive commited myself to an online class!! oh my!!

So its now past midnight & ive finally got around to looking at my emails....ive got ebay stuff to pay & bills to sort all going through my mind & yet i go checkout this new class that was for free...i heard about it on the eb forums so thought i might have a might be what i need??
Its a Christmas class & it will take me all through til xmas & im supposed to spend 20 mins a day on took me that long to read through the class stuff and ponder what i will be needing the 16 pages of white cardstock for...and what size?? it didnt say...& where will i buy this paper?? im out of it is!

Jessica spragues holidays in hand online class
if you want to check it out go to

Assignment one: what are my values about Christmas??

Christmas to me means doing the traditional family stuff, like putting up the tree on the 1st December...making xmas treats with the kids and spending time together
I like to give rather than receive...i like to take a moment or so & think of family & friends that are no longer with us....i like to decorate with love and make handmade items...i love the glowing of christmas tree lights and love watching the kids reactions to seeing xmas displays & going to visit santa!
On christmas day i like that we can all be a family...even if we are so doesnt seem to matter....reflecting on xmases past and looking forward to more....i want my kids to grow up with joyful memories and to make traditions of their own...i love watching the kids open their presents and even though its messy and somewhat wasteful its still so fun to see a huge pile of wrapping paper at the end of the day while relaxing after a normally somewhat stressed day!

well i think thats most of my values for xmas.....i may come up with some more when its a decent hour of the day...

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