Friday, November 13, 2009

strawberries yum yum!!

Strawberries are in season!! We buy a whole tray for $10 at a little place on the side of the road a few streets away from home...they are so yummy & the kids get excited seeing who can find the biggest & smallest in the tray! We are turning some of them into jam....just need to sterilize the jars and then we are set for an afternoon of jam making....the kids love jam and the last lot we made went really fast!!
Its quite easy to make not a cook so if i can do it anyone can!!
equal parts strawberries to sugar, and follow the jam setta packet instructions and its that easy!!
I havent done any scrapbooking for a few days....i wanna scrap but i just cant seem to get into it at the moment...i think im in need of more sleep, my kids are waking me up as soon as the sun comes up.....arrghhh im hoping to pay them back when they are teens and want to keep sleeping. I did cut out some cute xmas silhouettes that i want to get framed...or i may just use them on my xmas pages...i cant remember where i got the svg from so wont put a pic up of them just wanting to make a advent calendar for the kids but it might be one of those things that doesnt get done & i buy the choc ones at the shops half way through the countdown!!
better go check on the jam!

♥ from me

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