Sunday, November 22, 2009



what a weekend ive had!!! My eldest has been throwing up since friday night! Am i a bad mum for not wanting to hear him throw up?? its just so gross but i do feel for him...i dont know if its a bug that he has or something else?? he used to get like this when he was a baby & toddler & hasnt had too many outbreaks for awhile but he was sick a few weekends ago wasnt as long as this though and i wasnt at home... as i had a scrapbook crop night.....he had lots of test done when he was 4 but nothing could be found.....they thought it was meckels....the testing for that was not fun at all...and i hated having to hold him while he screamed and kicked the poor dr & hoping this is just another bug doing the rounds as im not upto doing tests..mind you he is a lot older now so would understand better.

On another note..seeing as though i couldn't get out of the house, apart from getting the paper from the front & hanging out washing ( i don't think that counts..but i did see sunlight!) i started my holidays at hand Christmas album....ive sorted upto day 27 and have now run out of page protectors so will buy more when i get to the shops....hope they still sell 8x8 size...... i haven't added any embellishments or stuck everything down as will have to wait to see what photos i take!!Im hoping i get to take a photo a day...there are days my camera gets neglected!!

I watched the biggest loser US today....that show makes me cry when it comes to makeover week!! Rudy looks so different its amazing what a shave can do!! His story was what made me cry!! Losing his sister to cancer at a young age affected him without even knowing it....

i will add photos of the album so far tomorrow when i have more time to take a photo!!

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