Thursday, November 19, 2009

im starting to get into the christmas spirit......

Yesterday i went food shopping.....its so boring and nothing exciting....all the xmas stuff is out along with a lot of toys....and they always put them in the aisle you need to go down when you have kids ie nappies & wipes aisle!!

so after food shopping i went for a look in red dot as i really wanted a recipe stand for the christmas at hand display but couldnt find any at all!! they did have some a few weeks ago as i had wanted to buy it but put it back!

I did find some decorations for xmas for the windows/can be used on walls too apparently but our walls are not smooth so im going to use them on the doors & windows.... they were so cheap im thinking i better go buy some more before they sell out!!

i also got a cute little mini bin for the kids outside toys..ive been looking at these for awhile now & they had them on special from $30 down to $ love it!!

I have made a flip album for the Christmas at hand prompts for lesson 3 .....i am still looking for a stand for it not too far behind in the class now!!

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