Saturday, April 30, 2011

love is in the air!

Today we went to my aunts to help celebrate my cousins engagement & it was also a sending off party as she headed back to Qld with her new Qld'er husband to be.
I made her a card to match the gift i gave her....she loved it & showed everyone...she made me cry!! i was so happy for her...she has been with some not so matched guys for her & now she just seems glowing & radiantly happy....nearly as sparkly as her new engagement ring!!
here is the card...the heart is set at 4inchs & the white at 3.5inches and i then embossed it with a love heart folder....i think the couple i cut at 4 or 4.5 inches also

While borrowing the wedding carts from a friend i also had to make a cute wedding dress box....i just couldn't help myself!! they are so sweet...would love to get married again & have them sitting on the tables! i would i rock them!! lol

Last night we watched the royal wedding was a nice ceremony...most parts similar to my own wedding kids were awaiting the kiss and got dissapointed when it didn't happen in the then went onto the news and we didn't change channel to keep watching so we missed the kiss...but have now seen photos!

hope everyone is having a lovely weekend...the sun was shinning today!

♥ from Me


  1. I love that box, I don't have a Cricut, many days I wish I did, I'd like one of the baby ones, harder to find I guess. Very pretty things, :) Lori m

  2. hi lori!
    the cricut is amazing!! i had the baby one ( first one) but i sold it & upgraded to my pink expression.....maybe you could try ebay or some scrapbooking forums that have a buy & sell section to get one cheap??....i also know a few american online stores have them for under $100 now...but it depends on where you live
    goodluck hunting for one if you decide to get one!!

  3. What wonderful little projects! I love that card!

  4. I love your card and your wedding dress box turned out so sweet.

    I’m stopping by to check out your blog since you became a follower of mine from the Disney Pixar Blog Hop. I really appreciate your support. I’m now following you too.

    I love your blog. Hope to see you for the next hop.

    Happy crafting