Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Im a winner!!!

Hi all.....Today has been such a busy was imagine my surprise when i caught up with all the lovely blogs to find i won a prize on Chloe & her clip on koalas blog!!! Yay!!!
She does a great blog each Tuesday called Cheap Chirpin' Choose-day with another blogger Carlene....I think its amazing how much good stuff they can find on the cheap! 
I chose to get some peachy keen stamps so that means the Cheap Chirpin' Choose day prize JACKPOTS!!! how cool is that!! so now all of the April items will get added to the March items & it will be a massive prize!!
If you want to go check it out & try & win some cool stuff for yourself...head on over to Chloes Blog  to find out how

Also while over at Chloes blog have a read of whats happening with Jacob....he is on the move & heading to a letterbox soon....cant wait to see what adventures he gets upto......I also cant wait til i get my hands on his hot little bod!!  So many weeks to wait...but im sure it will be well worth it!!

I also have a small prize in mind for when my blog reaches 50 followers.....( i know im dreaming!!)  but hey wouldn't it be nice if i could get 50 followers? Im just so excited to have the amount i have!! So feel free to let your friends know im this blogging world of ours!

♥ from Me


  1. Congrats Michelle!

    Ooooooooooh Jacob might be arriving with his hot bod on his hot blog hop starting destination tomorrow! Finger crossed!

  2. im thinking jacob needs to come to inspired friday & get his pic taken with all us lovely ladies!!