Friday, April 16, 2010

A trail... a cemetery & a dam

Yesterday we wanted to get out of the house. It has been raining on & off most of the week & the school holidays are slowly coming to an end.
We headed to Jarrahdale was like driving back in time...a village untouched by modern conveniences like fast food stores on every public transport ( that i could see) 
The cemetery was quaint & quite small to what i was expecting. While at the cemetery we came across a few kangaroos ..i think they were surprised to see people visiting the place!
After some searching we finally came across my brother in laws grave. I had never met him, he died before i had met my husband. His grave was hard to spot as his engraving on the plaque was faded & his grave needed some weeding & leaves removed. I dont think anyone had visited for a long time. This was our first visit.
Across from  the cemetery was a trail called Stacey's loop which took us through Forrest & across a gorgeous little was so peaceful...even with 3  kids in tow.
After we got back from our walking trail we all were thirsty! 
We then headed toward the serpentine dam along winding roads with trees all around. Again it was very quiet & only a few cars on the roads. 

kangaroos at the cemetery
 When we got to the dam we all got out & had a look around. Kids played on the playground equipment & then we went for a drive over the dam & back again. We seen a bridge/walkway so went & found the entrance to that & went & took a closer look at the dam. It had started to rain so we jumped in the car & headed home. The road filled with forrest on both sides most of the way home was fantastic.

                 The Serpentine Dam

A Forrest full of tress of all shapes & sizes!
I just had to take this photo of this bendy looking tree!
This tree was along the trail walk we took near the cemetery.

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