Sunday, April 18, 2010

School holidays are nearly over!!

I love my kids but im just so glad school is going back tomorrow....the house is such a mess when they are home!
I haven't done much scrapbooking & it doesn't look likely today. Ive got to make some healthy snacks for their lunches so that means a trip to the shops..with all the kids. It takes twice as long & becomes twice as expensive!

Yesterday we went to Adventure World. It was great but boy was the swimming pool cold!! I'm sure the antarctic waters could have been the same temperature. I decided if i kept moving around then i wouldn't start to turn into an ice block!  It was invigorating as well as breath taking! I'm sure i wasn't the only one saying OMG!!
We figured it was colder because the rapids water slide was not working which is the main water that gets heated by sunlight & it then flows though to the pool. The kids had fun on all the rides & water slides & i braved bounty's revenge 5 times.... 3 of those were in a row!

Last night we watched the Australian Biggest Loser finale on tv. I was so glad Lisa from WA won this years title. Best of all she became the first Female to ever win the Australian biggest loser & she also was wearing a Double the money bracelet so she won double the prize money!! Not to mention she looked amazing!!

Well i better stop blogging & get this day started! YAY for the last day of holidays!!!

♥ from Me

koalas in the aussie animals section of adventure world...they were awake & some eating the leaves..this one was just hanging about..another was laying on the floor!

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