Sunday, April 4, 2010


We went camping for the easter break. Its our first time as a family in our new family sized tent!
We stayed for 2 nights (although i packed for 3) it was very windy the first night & then the following night it was windy & raining. I was glad to see the tent didnt have any leaks & stood upto the howling winds!
The kids were excited to be sleeping outdoors & using their sleeping bags...not to mention the easter bunny was going to visit the tent on sunday morning to deliver lots of choccy surprises!!
On saturday my dad took the boys for a spin down the river. They enjoyed it & after coming back in the men then went back out to catch some crabs. Im not a crab eater although i have eaten them in the past. Mum & i walked down the river with 2 of my kids & while there watched some pelicans & then some dolphins came up the river. Its been awhile since ive seen them in the river so was glad to be around when they were!
After a restless nights sleep with the wind rain & toilet breaks for the kids it was time to see if the easter bunny visited! He left the kids a few small eggs in their wooden bunny boxes they made at bunnings & after helping daddy with the breakfast of bacon & eggs they then all went on an easter egg hunt through grandma's garden. Eggs were hidden everywhere from the garden, boat, car , tent & even in nanas place! He certainly was a busy bunny hopping all around the place! N spotted some eggs in the smaller garden near the house before the hunt began as he loved walking through it looking at the flowers! he was so excited and picked them all up..even those that were for his brother & sister! I had to tell him to go hide them again for them to find!
The kids loved camping & want to go again! School holidays for 2 weeks so we will have to see if we can squeeze another camping trip in..or there is always spring time in october!

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