Saturday, April 10, 2010

School Holidays.....the circus is in town!

School holidays is now half way through & im so thankful that it is!! I love my kids ...but the constant fighting & screaming at each other can drive you insane! I know i was like that with my own siblings so im sure my own mum felt the same way as i do now!
After recovering from camping we went & did a shopping centre activity of making a tin can herb garden....its good when they have great activities at the shops. This one is useful as if they manage to keep on growing i will have some great herbs to use in the kitchen.
The circus is in town! so we bought some tickets & at $12 each it was such a great show. Circus Joseph Ashton have been traveling for many years doing circus shows all over! We took my 2 oldest kids with my nephews a few years ago. This time we were driving by when they were setting up the big top tent & my little one got so excited & knew it was the circus just by the tent..even though he had never seen it before!
On the day we parked at the back of the circus tent & walked around to the front passing all the caravans that the performers & animals live in. Once inside we got some popcorn, a showbag & i took the kids down for a pony ride around the circus ring.
It was a great show of clowns, acrobatics, animal shows & i loved looking at all the old photos of the past ashtons circus up on the screen before the show & at intermission.

I also did a search for a book that one of my relatives wrote when i was much younger & my parents never got to read dad was given a copy from her with it signed but my mum lent it out that same day & the person then lost it!  So i contacted the publisher but i got an email saying it was no longer published & they had none in the warehouse. I then came across a second hand book store online & they had a copy. When i rang she said she had 2 copies so i asked for them. We took the train with the kids into Perth & then another train to the book store which was across the road from one of the stations. On the way back we went to the toilets at the Perth train station  & the kids thought it was hilarious to pay 50c to do a wee!!
We then travelled on the train down to the esplanade & had a look around the bell tower, wheel of perth & went on the ferry across the swan river & back. The kids loved going on the ferry & it was good to show them their city. We then headed back to catch the train back home. We stopped & had a late lunch at mcdonalds which is a rare treat these days as we are trying to stay away from junk food.

Today the kids are off doing different things one is off to the football with my family & another to a birthday party!

Hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend
♥ from Me

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