Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spending the night with wes carr & jessica mauboy

Last night our local community hosted a family concert featuring Wes Carr & Jesicca Mauboy. It was a fantastic night with lots of singing & dancing!!

We arrived early so that we could watch the cockburn Idol competition finals sing...they were great..i did have a favourite & she won!! She was great! I cant remember her name but she knows how to sing!!

We had a picnic dinner & then went over to the free bouncy castles, mobile farm animals & missy got her hair spray painted pink with gold stars for a donation to the cancer foundation, she looked great!!

They had singers on after the idol finalist and then jesicca Mauboy came bouncing out on hello or intro just straight into the song!! lots of people scrambled to the front & several made it back to their seats so the first song lost me a little as too many people up & about but after that everyone settled down & it was a great night...when jesicca left the stage they had a short break & several people left leaving the kids & i made it safely down to the mosh pit & got to see wes carr up close!! it was amazing with the music vibrating through you & the ground .....he is fantastic....before we left he played the first song he sung for the night & everyone was joining in even on the way to the car!

We all had a great night out & didnt get home til just after went straight to bed and my little one was asleep before we got home! We cant wait to see who they choose to bring to the concert next year!! we truly are spoilt!!!

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