Friday, March 26, 2010

Perth Storm

I survived the Perth storm! In saying that im so glad it did not wreak havoc in my many people were caught out on roads...picking up kids from school.....and lots of houses & businesses north of the river & in perth received the full force of it all. The hail was amazing and i so wished i had seen in real life...our area got sad little pebble sized hail not worth risking the lightning to go out & collect!
The rain was impressive & our road flooded over within 20 minutes ( rural area doesnt have drainage pipes). Our water tank is nice & full and i didnt notice any water damage on the roof which was my main concern being an older home.
We looked after a friends daughter on monday after school & we went to the park..i had read the storm warnings before we left to get the kids so we had moved our outdoor setting & anything that moved out the back away in the the park we walked around the oval as i watched the lightning & the dark clouds roll over perth.... as it got closer we jumped back in the car & headed back to the school to pick up my son who had a tennis lesson. They had just moved to undercover as the lightning & thunder got louder & closer. We decided to leave early to beat the storm home....we only just made it inside before the thunder boomed over shook the house!!
We lost power for awhile & when it returned it flickered off & on most of the night so we didnt have internet or tv just the battery powered shower radio for company & the kids ds for entertainment.
The sunset was an amazing colour! the sky went bright white & then darkened to reds/yellows & against the dark trees looked spectacular

Its nearly easter & im not ready.....we did buy easter egg molds & all the stuff to make easter eggs but i hope i find time to make them!!
I hope everyone has a lovely easter & stays safe over the holiday!

♥ from me

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