Thursday, December 3, 2009

First haircut & xmas photos!!

xmas photo of the kids 2009
After his first haircut!!

I got my sons first haircut today at the hairdressers....he is 3 now so i was getting quite a lot of "oh isnt she so pretty!! look at her hair!" comments so it was time to admit that my baby is no longer a baby & needs a big boy haircut!! aww i nearly cried watching all the baby hair being cut off!!
He is still so very cute though ( says a very proud mummy) but he does look so different....he was running around with some random boys at the shops & i had to take a moment to realize which one he was as he now looks like all the other little ones!!

Did some more Xmas shopping and after bath time did the kids Xmas photos. We do this every year, i get them dressed in outfits but this year my oldest didn't fit into the Santa suit he had last was a struggle last year i remember but not many 10 yr old's like dressing up anyway!! so the Xmas top and daddy's Santa suit top did ok!

i made some reindeer for my sleigh i made below in a previous post....i haven't taken any pics of them yet.....Ive also kept upto date on the Jessica spragues holiday in hand Xmas album!! its only day 3 but hey im on top of it!!!

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