Monday, December 21, 2009

a few more sleeps til christmas!!!

All my crafty & scrapbooking has been packed away & off the kitchen table in preparation for christmas so i havent been busy in that area for a few days....i did however clearout my huge magazine stash of scrapbooking mags & put them on freecycle! They were picked up a few hrs later!! very popular & here i was thinking i may have to recycle them!! lol what was i thinking!! i had lots of emails asking for them!!

We took the kids to see the christmas lights the other night it took us 2 hrs!! My little man fell asleep after we went to one nearby that has a lot of things for the kids to look at & go into...little fairy dells & making wishes, santas workshop & gingerbread house not to mention all the lights & blow up christmas decorations there was a sleigh being pulled by thomas & was such a great place! we then went the back way through a neighbouring suburb to another house we heard about that had a light show with its own christmas radio so you can listen in your car & watch the lights go in time!! it was amazing!! we need to go back to show my little man!

If i dont get back on to blog before christmas i hope everyone has a great christmas & a fantastic new year

♥ from Me

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