Sunday, May 18, 2014

Robot Party


I just found this draft & I thought it was posted a year or so ago...oooppps!!

Its been a few months since i last sure gets busy when your having fun!
My kids have all had their birthdays son had a party. It was lots of fun ...i really enjoy preparing and making things for parties!  This year the theme of his party was a Robot Dance Party!

I made the invites using the Robot Party cricut cart.

I used Sawyer's Place washi tape crazy cogs in the titus Collection. It worked perfectly with robots!
I then turned the cog with black robot face into a magnet by hot gluing the magnets to the cogs.

The Party was held at a local dance studio that hosts birthday was really good and as a host was provided it made the party so much easier!

My son was also lucky enough to have a face painter to turn all the kids into robots (and other things like cats dogs)

I cut out Robot hats and glasses using the Robot Party Cartridge on my cricut.
I used Sparkle and metallic card stock and cut these to fit 6 year old kids....I used my gypsy so got lots of cuts per page. For the robot hats i used metallic silver and gold card stock. 

I made some utensil holders using the cartridge. After I made it i added a clean tin can to hold the knives and forks. 

I also had no luck in finding coloured tablecloths for the party so i had to buy plain white. I decorated them with bright robots cut out with the cricut with coloured vinyl. They stuck well to the tablecloth. I also used these vinyl robots to decorate plates for food. I used the left over faces from the robot cuts and some screw cuts to add to the little jelly cups.
I made a banner to hang in the party room. 
I used blue card stock and glitter orange card stock. I cut several robots to add as spacers between the words. I then used eyelets to strengthen where the ribbon threads through.  All the robots were cut with either robot party or robotz carts.
I made 2 3d robots for the Drinks table.

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