Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Long Weekend

We just had a long weekend here in sunny Perth.  We had such a busy start to the weekend ...lots of kids stuff....missy had an ear infection & in the end i missed out on getting to the inspired friday crop night!
Saturday night we took the kids down to the park to watch the summer of fun concert. We had a picnic dinner & the kids then went & checked out the bouncy castle & animal farm before the concert began. We watched the Cockburn Idol competition....some of them can sing quite well!
Then it was onto the 2 main singers/groups of the night.....Cassie Davis & Thirsty Merc
The kids went down to the 'mosh pit' to grab some freebies thrown out to the crowd....they came back with cooler bags & hats...they were so excited. Missy didnt stay down the front long as it was hurting her ear.
Scitech was also there roaming around showing kids the light displays....they all got some glow in the dark putty & a flashing light balloon.
I filmed some of the music but for some weird reason my camera only wanted to record for 15secs at a annoying  but i will find time to check out why it was doing that!

So here is some video...this is the one where they had stuffed the music up......

Thirsty merc....shame i couldnt get the whole song...this is one of my favourite ones!

Sunday was spent doing not much at all...went to the spud shed & later did some scrapbooking....Monday was spent cleaning & getting kids homework done

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