Friday, March 25, 2011

campin critters have arrived!

Yesterday i received my Campin' Critters Cartridge along with a few solutions & baseball.
I didn't get a chance to play with it last night as hubby went fishing with his new fishing buddy ( who is my scrappin' pal mykaelas partner) ....i guess that's what happens when you leave 2 guys with a bunch of kids alone together...they find they have a lot in common.

So onto this morning...we had plans on going out to a friends place but as hubby went out all night last night...i think he got home around 1.30am...he didn't get out of bed til 9am & hadn't done the things he had to do before we after lunch we hope to get to our friends place!  But i gave me time to whip up a 3d dome tent from campin' critters cart.....silly me thought the largest piece they would put first so i cut it at 9. something....WRONG!!!!  the next piece wouldn't cut at that redo on the first cut...but did the second cut ( black part of tent) first which if your wanting to know i  did at 8 1/4 inches ( it seems that's the biggest size on a 12x12 mat.).....cut out all the pieces & it all came together ok.....what do you think?

its rather cute.....may have to make the other one & have my own little camping ground on my craft mat!

Hope everyone has a great weekend.....let me know if you have made a tent (or any other cricut 3d item) so i can come check it out!
♥ from me


  1. Oh great work! LOVE a sleeping husband... get lots of scrapping done. That tent would be perfect for my Jacob! He already has his bags packed. Click on my Jacob side bar link to see his 3D creation. Plus a follower of mine Jean has made the coolest tent too -

  2. Oh I forgot! Jacobs already coming to you! Keep that tent up!

  3. hi chloe!
    aww cant wait to see jacob....will make him feel at home the moment he gets here!
    thanks for the link....that is so hubby is like a big foot! ( not in the hairy kind of way though!) lol may need to make one of those!! thanks for the comments!