Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fires & floods & funny places to visit

We have been having a great holiday...we went for a day trip down south to donnybrook to visit the apple fun park last Friday. We went through Harvey & visited Harvey Fresh & the BIG ORANGE. The kids thought it was cool & now want to go visit all the other BIG THINGS in Western Australia!  We will see about that!
All proceeds to visit the big orange go straight to telethon ( a charity that helps sick children in hospital)
We went through Clifton lakes & looked at all the rural property's that had cows, horses & tractors rolling out hay. A few days later it was all set alight by an arsonist & several families lost homes & livestock, the fire burnt for days while the other side of the country in Qld was flooding.

my youngest at the Donnybrook apple park

After we had lunch & a play at Donnybrook we got an ice cream & then headed on to Gnomesville before heading home. We took a gnome to leave there with our family name & area we are from. We couldn't believe how many gnomes there were living in Gnomesville!! The kids thought it was great & had fun looking at all the different gnomes & reading where they had come from.

gnomesville in the fergusson valley
Our thoughts & prayers go out to all those in natural disaster areas around the world but in particular those close to home in Qld & NSW ♥

♥ from Me

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