Saturday, May 22, 2010

Organising my SVGS!

The other day i watched a quick video on how to organise your svgs so that they are easily viewed while using sure cuts a lot. I decided it was a fantastic idea & started straight away! well its taken several hours over many days but i think i can say im now done! until i download some more or make some myself!! But it now looks more neat & tidy in that section and now if i want a butterfly svg i know where they all are! no more wondering what those french written svgs folders are ect!If you have a mess of svg folders all over the place check out the video from svg cuts at this link

Today i washed my mobile phone!! im so annoyed as it obviously had all my contacts & not to mention photos of the kids and their cute little voices! its enough to make me did i wash it!! im so careful .....but my 3 yr old asked what the pocket on my pj's was for & he picked up my phone & put it in..i then obviously scooped up all the washing after everyone was out of pjs for the day & in it went...i did check my sons pockets & found a tissue but it just slipped my mind that my ph was in my top!!

I did some scrapbooking pages today also....i was a little sad i didnt get to go to the scrapbooking day for creative memories memoranza but i guess i can always check out ebay to see what their customer gift was.... got to love ebay....a friend of mine closed down her scrapbooking store recently & i spent up big on her ebay sales!! here is a quick pic of some of the stuff i got....i have so many kaiser kraft off the page items i think i will be set til im 60!! lol

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