Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy belated mothers day!

Yesterday was mothers day ...i was woken up way too early by my daughter asking if i wanted to open my presents...i said no i want to sleep but she continued to ask til i gave in 2 hrs later just before 8am!
My darling kids & hubby got me a new set of pj's with bed socks! Best thing is its a size smaller than i would have chosen for myself & they actually fit! yay!!

I got several mothers day cards youngest made at kindy & one at the scrapbooking one from all of them plus one each that they did at school so all up i got 5 cards!
Missy made me a photo display with a shopping list attached to stick to the fridge at school & my eldest wrote a poem....his teacher did not do any crafty activity with them...i suppose as they get older it stops...better treasure those specially made things while they last!

After being given breakfast in bed...vegemite on toast with no butter...yuck but i ate it, we had a nice lunch of ham & cheese muffins & then went over to my parents to give my mum her presents & had afternoon tea.

She is doing ok & is out of hospital but it will be awhile before she gets to do alot of stuff for herself.

I had made a card with the kids to give her when she went back into hospital on tuesday last week
it is kind of funny as she has broken both arms but this cute little robot has only broken one!

anyways im hoping to get to scrapbooking again this little one loves to go to creche & i may actually get some scrapbook pages done .....& not stress about the housework!

♥ from Me

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